Saturday, February 28, 2015

Company For Breakfast

This morning while having my toasted banana bread and coffee I glanced out the patio doors and there was a squirrel munching on a peanut watching me.  No matter how frustrated Durwood gets over their blithe ignoring of the Slinkies I think they're clever and resourceful and don't really mind them eating some peanuts as long as they don't chase all the birds away to do it.  And they mostly share, at least they're not sitting on them all the time guarding them so bluejays and woodpeckers can come get some too.

I did get all the vacuuming done yesterday but I saved the floor cleaning for today.  Don't want to pile all the fun into one day now, do I?  No, I do not.  None of this cleaning stuff takes very long if you do it in little bits.  I'm still planning to hire someone to wash down the walls and all the wood trim and cupboards before we have the whole place painted sometime this spring--as soon as we can leave the windows open.

Last night I cast on a little hat.  It's called Fuzzy Little Shapka.  Isn't that a funny name?  The next couple rows will have red eyelash novelty yarn carried along so there'll be stripes of plain yarn alternating with extra fuzzy stripes, and it tapers to a point at the top.  I think it'll be darned cute.

I get a daily email from and the other day it was a slew of breakfast recipes.  One is for Overnight Blueberry French Toast, you know, one of those standard "soak bread in eggs and bake in the morning" recipes, but this one incorporates cubes of cream cheese and blueberries in the middle of the layers of bread, and you make a blueberry sauce for topping it..  I might just have to put together a half batch.  Purely in the interests of research, you understand.  I wonder what kind of berry fruit's on sale at Aldi.

February 28--Reagan Bradshaw, Computer Chip.  It looked like a jewel lying in a stray light beam behind the wing chair.  Mae stooped to pick up what turned out to be a silicon chip with circuits printed on it in gold.  She thought it looked like an ornate framed art piece for a dollhouse but she knew it was for a computer or phone, some sort of electronic thing.  The idea that something this tiny could talk to a satellite boggled her mind.  She remembered how amazed she was the first time Mama had called Aunt Trudy in Seattle long distance.  Her voice was so clear Mae thought she had to be right next door playing a trick.

Hey, it's the last day of February already. That means the first day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox is right around the corner, only a bit over three weeks away.  Woohoo!  I can tell that the sun's getting warmer and it's definitely higher in the sky than it was a few weeks back.

Oh, I went to see the doc about my vertigo yesterday and he said it's caused by a virus, I was the 3rd or 4th person he'd seen yesterday for it, and I can cut way back on the sleep-inducing anti-vertigo meds.  He also said I have fluid in my ears, but they don't ache, they clear easily, and he said I probably got it from LC.  Neither of us has colds, how can that be?  I think he made that up.  Time to go Swiffer the kitchen floor now that breakfast's over and blogging's done.  I'm trying to do better with this housecleaning schtick.

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Aunt B said...

I'm impressed with your housecleaning especially having the walls and trim washed!! But by somebody else!! Definitely a wise move! We're getting hardwood put down in our bedroom -- also by somebody else!! Once upon a time, we might have taken on that project but no more. I'm saying it's not because we're too old, it's because we can now afford to hire someone!! Sounds good to me!!!