Sunday, March 1, 2015

Delicious And Worth Putting Together Last Night

I couldn't get that Overnight Blueberry French Toast I told you about yesterday off my mind so when I was at the grocery I got a loaf of Italian bread off the reduced rack, a brick of cream cheese (Philly was cheaper than the house brand????), and some blueberries.  After supper I easily and quickly put together a half-recipe, covered it with foil, and slipped it into the fridge.  This morning when I got up I took it out, preheated the oven, and made the sauce while it baked (although I realized when I was putting away the leftovers I forgot to stir butter into the sauce at the end, we didn't miss it).  I also forgot to take pictures of it in the pan or on the plates.  Here's what our plates looked like shortly after serving and here's what it looks like in fridge boxes for future breakfasts.  I'm not sure how it would freeze but Durwood vetoed my suggestion to have it for breakfast, lunch, and supper today so it wouldn't go bad.  Spoilsport.  Maybe we'll have to have it for breakfast this week.  It should be okay in there for that long, right?  I'm thinking any berry-type fruit would be good this way, even peaches, pineapple, or mango.  (I seem to have fruit on the brain.)

I got a few more rows of the fuzzy hat knitted yesterday.  I like it and I hope it fits LC when it's done.  If not, there's bound to be another baby head it will fit.

I want to join in a "hatalong" on Fringe Association's blog.  I printed off the pattern and chose this yarn from Interlacements to knit it from.  Swatching that pattern is what I plan to do today, but I want to look at the others' hats on Instagram and I don't know how to do that.  I joined Instagram so they'll let me on but when I got to the right place (I think) I couldn't figure out how to access the photo gallery.  I need a kid.  (does it maybe have something to do with that hashtag thing?)  Help me, I want to play along.

(If you've never knitted a hat or just like knitting instructions [like Dumbledore says he does in Half-Blood Prince], the three previous blog entries to the one I linked above are excellent "how to knit a hat" info. This has become one of my favorite blogs.  She posts every weekday and has all kinds of beautiful knitting implements in her shop, Fringe Supply Co. like bone crochet hooks and buttons, ones made from horn, lots of linen bags and other very cool items. You should go check it out.)

Six months from today is my birthday.  My beloved has always given me a card on what he calls my "half-birthday."  This is today's card.  It says "greetings from the nut house" inside.  I think that should be on our family crest or maybe embroidered on a pillow.  "Normal" has never been a word used to describe us and, to be honest, I hope it never is.

March 1--David Mendelsohn, DM2011 (Smokestack).  Driving west on I-90 at night made Laura feel like she was in a sort of sensory deprivation simulator.  Once she'd driven out of Fargo and its suburbs there was nothing.  No streetlights, no lighted billboards, no far-off farmyard lights, just pure black night and the ribbon of highway.  The radio was no use, all she got was static or Jesus.  If she played the Perry Como CD she'd found in the glove box one more time she though she'd go mad.  As it was "hot diggity, dog ziggity" already kept popping into her head at odd times.  She kept hoping that the moon would rise or the clouds would clear so she could see the stars but the sky remained black.  As she crested a rise, far in the distance a red light blinked.  What was it?  A grain silo?  A cell tower?  Hours passed before she was near enough to identify it as a smokestack standing alone and disconnected on the endless prairie.

I envision some "waiting for aliens" cult living there having a big "all are welcome" sign obviously hand painted propped on the side.  For some reason that sentence reminds me of the trailer I saw in someone's side yard on my way to Walmart yesterday.  It was about 6' square and made out of those green, reflective highway signs placed face out.  The side facing the tongue of the trailer and the street I was on said "Sheboygan" and looked like a mileage-type sign.  I don't know why but I loved it.  I want things made from those signs, garden furniture or side tables or something.  I solemnly swear that I will not load a ladder and ratchet set into the car later today and go get some.  Cross my heart.  But I wonder what they do with the ones that are broken or need changing...

Time to strip beds and put fresh towels in the bathroom.  See, there's that cleaning thing again.  Live long and prosper.  (I'm sad that Leonard Nimoy died; he was a cool and interesting guy even when he wasn't being Mr. Spock.)

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Aunt B said...

I love stuff made from signs too -- in fact, I love most things that have had "another life"! Like those clever birdhouses with a roof made from a license plate. I think your ideas are more grand than that however!!