Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nothin' Much

All I did at work yesterday was work, work, work, count, count, count.  Not that I mind, you understand, after all they're paying me to work but that means I don't knit so I don't have any project progress to take pictures of and then post on the blog.  Speaking of the inventory Mrs. Boss got as far as the end of the masks, reels, and safety sausages over the weekend.  Next was the wall behind the display cases.  It's a slat wall jam-packed with a bloc of tiny drawers and hooks holding all manner of small items.  It took me all of my counting time to go about 8' and that didn't include the things on the shelves below the slat wall.  I did get smart and made a pile of the odd items that the scanner didn't recognize instead of breaking stride to go fix them in the POS, then when I was done with the section I got them all either re-tagged or entered, tagged, and scanned.  This has turned out to be a monumental job; I can't imagine how long it takes to inventory a big store.

It has gotten cold again.  Cold enough that there's frost on the roofs in the morning, windshields too.  I'm not a fan of scraping windshields.  And there's a winter weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow for snow and sleet.  Yippee.  March is such a confused month; first it's cold and snowy, then warm and sunny, now cold and maybe sleety.  Uck.  Evidently winter's not done with us, I just noticed that a junco's still here.  They summer in the Arctic so they don't leave until winter is truly over.  *sigh*  But I did see a robin.  That's a good sign.  Look, there's one getting a drink right now!

March 24--Renee Lynn, King Penguins.  They look so sleek and elegant, not like birds at all.  Their feathers look more like fur and their wings are paddle shaped without trailing flight feathers.  Naomi had always loved the little birds with their tick-tock way of walking...

And that was it for me last night.  I went to bed at 10 o'clock, got those three sentences written, and that was the end of that.  One of these days I'm just going to sleep and not have to set an alarm.  One of these days.  Maybe Friday.

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Aunt B said...

I'm so happy to see that robin perched on your birdbath. Sure sign that Spring is coming -- at some point in time!!!