Saturday, March 14, 2015

Officially An FO

I really did it this time.  I finished the Oriole Wings Wrap last night at Friday Night Knitting.  I knitted to the end of the row I was on, thought about finishing the 2-row repeat, then realized that the bind-off could qualify as row #2, so I changed the US6 tip on the working end for a US10, and commenced to do a "traditional" bind-off.  It looks marvelous.  I spread it out on the dinette carpeting and took its picture this morning, now it's downstairs having a relaxing soak in a dishpan of wool wash.  Later I'll gently squeeze out much of the water, roll it into a beach towel to get more out, and then pat it into shape on some foam blocking tiles.  There will be an official photo shoot tomorrow or later in the week.  But it's DONE, and I'm so happy about that and with the way it turned out.  *whew*

I knew I'd finish the wrap last night at knitting so I tossed the bag of acrylic yarn that Lala gave me, a G hook, and my favorite crocheted beanie pattern in my knitting basket so I wouldn't have idle hands.  I got pretty far in about an hour, didn't I?  I plan to make another one with the colors reversed when I'm done with this one, since I love black and yellow together.  When Durwood and I were untangling and winding up this yarn we discovered that the yellow had been chopped into random lengths, so rather than dump it all, I lightly tied the ends and wound it up.  Now when a knot comes up I'm untying them and putting them back together with a Magic Knot.  This worsted weight yarn's probably too thick to be the optimum use for a Magic Knot but I am not about to weave in an endless number of tails on this hat.  The knots are so small and crocheting makes what it essentially a double-thick hat, they really aren't obvious or even easy to find if you're not searching for them.

We're having supper guests tomorrow so I'm spending today cooking, since two kinds of soup are on the menu and everyone knows soup is better the second day.  First thing this morning I grabbed a good-sized glob of whole wheat dough out of the fridge and got it rising.  Then I set a cup of wild rice to cooking, and poached a chicken breast in the microwave while I woke up and had breakfast.  Once Durwood was up and fed, he and I got to chopping mushrooms, celery, carrots, and onions for the soup, then while it simmered I got the laundry going.  When I'm done here I'll be making a pot of Italian Shrimp Veggie soup.  (trust me, I'm going to lay around like a slug this evening)  I'm excited to have 2 kinds of soup on hand to take for work lunches, soup is the perfect stuff for lunch at work--protein, lots of veggies--what's not to love?

March 14--Clifton, Great Smoky Mountains, NC.  Shelly thought the Smoky Mountains looked small and friendly.  They were sure shorter and softer looking than the western mountains.  Western mountains are jagged and tall with sharp peaks and severe angles.  There was no way she would hike out West, especially not alone, but she didn't hesitate to load up a backpack and set out to hike in the Smokies.  She left word at the ranger station and with Aunt Marla saying where she planned to be and for how long.

Now, you and I both know that nothing good's going to come from that lone woman walking in the mountains.  I can't decide if she falls or if she has the misfortune to meet up with some snaggle-toothed Deliverance reject.  I'm leaning toward the half-witted mountain loser, but it was late and I was tired so you can choose your own adventure.  I'm off to fling laundry around and chop veggies for the next vat of soup.  Ta-ta!

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Aunt B said...

No, no. I think she's going to meet up with a handsome guy. They'll hike to the end of the trail, fall in love and get married!!! Your two soups sound delicious.