Tuesday, March 3, 2015

They Come In All Sizes

The last pair of interchangeable knitting needle tips I should need for a while came yesterday.  They're size US19, which is quite a bit larger than the largest ones (US11) in the set I just got.  Some knitters never stray much past US6 but I'm a fan of big needles and big yarn, always have been.  I like the chunky, kind of funky look they make.  I'm also swatching with US6 needles and fingering yarn to figure out how many more stitches I need to cast on to make a hat pattern.  See I want to use this pretty yarn but it's Fingering (smaller) and the pattern calls for DK (these are yarn weights, most people are familiar with Worsted which is kind of the "regular" size yarn, what everyone uses for making scarves, afghans, hats, and mittens, also afghans) so I need to knit a few repeats of the pattern and then measure the stitches per inch so I can figure out how many 12s to cast on.  There are 12 stitches in the pattern repeat so that's the number I have to work with to get something that resembles the hat in the picture.  We'll see.  I should probably just fish out a skein of DK yarn and go, and I might still do that, but first I want to try this yarn out.

Last night when I left work the three-quarters moon was out with Venus off to one side.  I took a picture or two in the dive shop parking lot and then when I got home thin clouds had moved in so I took pictures there too.  I can't decide which one I like best so you get one of each.


I put the new coffee sweater on my work mug.  It fits much better.

The weather people said we would get snow overnight and today--and we are, dang it.  It doesn't look bad but snow sure slows up the day.  Maybe I'll have the store to myself today?  Although that makes the day drag.  Good thing I knit.

March 3--Mark E. Gibson, Orchestra.  During the concert they looked orderly and they acted like parts of a single organism.  After the last encore, when the conductor and the concert master had left the stage, they came apart like an earthquake had passed through the hall.  The neat rows of chairs were disordered, music stands tangled like unruly wire hangers, a few lay on their sides, and there were forlorn pages of music forgotten by a player in a hurry to leave.

Last night it was a race to see if the idea or my alertness ran out first.  I think it was a dead heat.  Time to bundle up and brave the snowy day.  Mush!

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Aunt B said...

You would go crazy at work if you didn't knit. But maybe you'd write. Yesterday I spent some time reading journal entries I'd made at work in 1991. I always had sooooo much time! Kinda fun to read that old news but some stuff never changes. I wrote so much about LD and Nancy!! Always worrying about them. I think I'm better now -- but not much!!!