Monday, March 23, 2015

A Blah Gray Day

Too blah to even take a sunrise picture, not that there were any pretty colors out there, just a gradual lightening of the pervasive grayness.  In fact, it looks like it might just pucker up and drizzle.

Durwood was glad to see me and I was glad to be back to my familiar place, although being away alone, not needing to consider anyone else's schedule or plan is restful.  The two of us are making an escape this coming weekend for a few nights in Door County, so there's that to look forward to.  Who doesn't want a break in the late winter/early spring gray?

I have to show you some more Kohler Arts Center bathroom pix.  As amazing as the art was, those bathrooms just blew me away.  Here's some more of the main ladies' room in all its pink and pretty, mix and match glory, and the ceramic evening purse, lace gloves, and hand towel in the other small ladies' room.  Amazing what they can do with the stuff they make toilets out of, isn't it?

All I did when I got home yesterday was unpack, read through the newspaper, and crochet a bit on the Yellow & Black Beanie.  I'm making it smaller so I don't run out of yarn, but I still like the colors together. Both of the beanies will need a bath before I donate them, they've got that "back of the closet" smell stuff stored a long time has.  The sheets on the bed I slept in at Grandma A's smelled like that, not dirty, just unused, I guess.  I'm hoping a bath will soften them up too, they're acrylic yarn and it's a bit scratchy.

March 23--Rob McDonald, Hundreds of Other Food Shots.  Nola stood with both hands pressed to the glass.  The fruit looked so perfect it had to be fake.  It had been so long since she'd had fruit that wasn't in a can.  Real food, she thought, food like the old days when you bought raw ingredients from the store and then combined them into a meal.  A perfect baked chicken could make the house smell good for hours.  The bright green of a bowl of steamed asparagus was the epitome of Spring.  Maybe she had enough money in her pocket to go in and get an apple.  One crisp and juicy apple, she could almost taste it tart and sweet on her tongue, then something poked the small of her back.  "Move on," said a man's voice, "there's nothing in there for the likes of you."  She wanted to protest that she had every right to be there but she didn't, not really, not anymore.

See, boring, what'd I tell you?  Shorter too.  You're welcome.  Off to breakfast, shower, and go to work.  I've got my fingers crossed that Mrs, & Mr. Boss got the inventory done but I'm not holding my breath.  There's a lot of stuff in that store.

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Aunt B said...

The guest towel - yes; the toilet - no. Looked like blood splattered in there! Surprised you didn't think that too!! But the beanie is perfect. I love those colors too.