Friday, March 13, 2015

Not So Fast

When I got out the wrap at work yesterday and put the tape measure down on it... it measured 5" of brown.  What????  How did that happen?  For the life of me I couldn't make it measure 5 3/4" like it had before, so I buckled down and knitted on it while listening to Shock Wave by John Sandford.  (I'm not a big fan of Sandford's Lucas Davenport Prey books but I do love the Virgil Flowers books.)  It was fairly quiet in the afternoon so I got a few rows knitted and was in the middle of one when it was time to pack up and close the store.  I think I'm going to declare this row (or the one after it if I'm on #1 of 2) the last one and then bind off.  I am so over this wrap.

The Guild meeting last night was fun.  March has become "Table Top Techniques" night when three of the members are asked  to teach, well, a technique, something small and simple enough to learn in 20 minutes.  Last night we learned a couple of cast-ons (one of them, the Chinese Waitress was cah-razy), how to read charts, and ways to join yarns (without knots).

I don't want to say the "S-word" but it sure has been nice around here lately.   Winter's not over yet and I know we'll get slammed at least once more but, ooh, it's so tempting to say that it's like S_____ out there.  (I can't say it, I just can't.)  I noticed when we got home from our errands around lunchtime that almost all of the glacier had melted off the patio, so I grabbed an ancient shovel (not to be confused with a spade) and scooped the remainder of it off into the sunny lawn to melt faster.  It was absolute luxury to go to my nail appointment without wearing a jacket.  Luxury, I tell you.  And I just opened the window next to my desk and real, actual, fresh air is wafting in to replace the stale winter air in the room.  Ahhh.

March 13--Bruno Burklin, Clouds.  Jamie looked out at the clouds.  The take off had been smooth even though the day was gray and rainy.  The plane had quickly pierced the thick layer of cloud and she was pleased to be in sunshine.  Even though she had flown hundreds of times she still got excited to be up above the clouds.  She paged through the tattered in-flight magazine and was disappointed to discover that someone had done the crossword puzzle in it in pen, and many of the answers were wrong.  It was so frustrating for her to see and not be able to change it that she stuffed the magazine back into the seat pocket and pulled out the card with the diagram of the plane on it to memorize the exits, except it was for a different model plane than the one she was on.

Tonight's Friday Night Knitting so I'd better get this posted, also I told Durwood that I want us to resurrect our old 3-game World Championship of Wii Bowling competitions.  We could both use the exercise.  Now would be a good time.

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Aunt B said...

I can't believe you don't like Lucas Davenport!!! I love him!! I want Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper) to portray him in a movie!! Who do you think could play Virgil???