Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Love Our Micro-climates!

Both the brick facade on the front of the house and the retaining wall at the back of the lot face South so they reflect the sun's heat back onto the ground in front of them and make things grow early.  Most years that little hint of early green goes a long way toward saving my sanity.  This year is no exception.  Durwood called me yesterday to say that the grass in back is greening up.  See?  In front there are a couple of crocuses ready to bloom, a hyacinth bud peeking out, and the daffodils have popped their leaves up and will be sending buds up soon.  Not in time for Easter, no, but soon.  I'm watching another sign of Spring right now.  There's a chipmunk trolling the peanut shells the squirrels drop for any leftovers, his cheek pouches already bulging with goodies.  The presence of the chippie means either the feral black cat has moved on or someone adopted it.

Mrs. Boss did have the rest of the inventory finished when I got to work yesterday.  Hooray!  All that's left is a milk crate of odds and ends that we put aside rather than stop counting to do research or part things out.  After stocking some masks and snorkels that arrived, I dove in and got maybe a third of it done yesterday.  I'll keep at it.  I like the challenge of finding things, figuring out what price, then marking it and putting it on the shelf.

What with new stock and old inventory I didn't knit a stitch at work yesterday, but I managed to finish Play Day Mitten #1 last night before bed.  I thought it looked awfully big but compared to one she wears now it looks okay.  Now if I can only get the other one done before it's shorts and tank top weather.  *snort*

March 31--Ron Kimball, FRG-01615.  There was a frog in the room.  There was a frog in her dream and when Amy woke up she could still hear it.  She lay in the dark listening hard, trying to pick out where it was.  It had better be on the floor, she thought.  If it's on the wall or the ceiling it could land on her.  An image of little sticky frog feet on her face got her hand moving to tug the sheet over her head.  She'd rather suffocate than have a frog on her.

Yeah, me too.  It's a nice sunny day, I think I'll stir together some bread dough to bake this weekend.  Maybe I'll go out and take a walk too.  Of course it's at least 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday but maybe it'll change its mind and warm up?  I'm hopeful, but it's still better than below freezing.  Anything is.

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Aunt B said...

Blessed signs of Spring!!! Love those little green shoots popping up. That baby mitten is so adorable. And yay for the inventory being finished -- or nearly so!!! Good times all the way around!!!