Friday, March 20, 2015

My Oh My, Crab Pie

You are so sorry you weren't at our house for supper last night.  Durwood found a recipe for Crab Pie in a Penzeys catalog, kind of a quiche-like thing made with cheese, mayo, and real or fake crab.  We had fake crab made-to-look-like-lobster in the freezer and a single frozen Pillsbury pie crust so all we needed was cheese.  I zoomed to Aldi and back before work (not top shelf cheese but adequate for baking in a pie) so by the time I got home it was in the oven.  Oh my, it was gorgeous when it came out of the oven and it tasted as good as it looked.  AND there's half left for tonight's supper.  Yay!  That's a keeper, for sure.

Remember last fall when I was angrily searching all over for the notebooks I had put aside to keep when we decrapified before getting new carpet?  I finally conceded that I must have hauled them to Goodwill along with all the other stuff so I bought more at the dollar store when I ran out of notebook for my nighttime writing.  Well, I ran out of printer paper last night so I went down to get a ream from the box in the basement--where I had to move the 2 shoe boxes full of saved notebooks.  I was sure I had kept them and I had, I just forgot what boxes I put them in.  I'm happy to find out that I'm not quite as clueless as I had feared.

Mrs. Boss came in for a couple hours yesterday and we made a giant leap in inventory progress.  I kept going after she left but it was a lot slower going without her.  I came home so exhausted I was falling asleep at the dinner table and it was easy to go to bed at 10 o'clock, but we got a lot done and I was glad for the help.  It's a huge job, I suspect it's bigger than she thought, but we'll get done especially if both of us work at it.  My old muscles are sore today but it kinda feels good to work hard.

March 20--WSI, Water Drop.   Alissa thought she would scream if someone didn't stop that water from dripping.  It had been going on for hours or maybe it had been weeks.  It seemed like a century.  The bloop sound each drop made into the water echoed in her head and set her nerves jangling.  If she could get up she would use all her might to turn the knob on the tap that vital one-eighth turn that stopped the dripping.  Couldn't they hear it?  Was it only in her ears that the sound ricocheted down the hall like a runaway train?  She tried to claw her way to consciousness.  She was certain her eyes had moved and she might have even made a sound.

Time to get cars moved so Durwood and I can go erranding.  Woohoo, errands.  Doesn't everyone love them?

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Aunt B said...

All set for an afternoon of bridge here today. Made bruschetta topping last night and today making what looks like a cute, easy and delicious thing -- those tiny phyllo cups filled with brie and topped with brown sugar, pecans and honey. Baked until the brie melts. A glass (or two) of wine to top it all off. Hope it's as good as your crab pie looked and sounded.