Sunday, March 15, 2015

See How Warm It's Been

It's been so warm and sunny the last few days that the bulbs in front (in that little brick-backed micro-climate) have decided to peek out of the leaf litter.  Look, green!  And just in time for St. Paddy's day tomorrow.  This morning's sunrise made promises for a lovely day too.

Yesterday afternoon I got the Italian Shrimp & Vegetable Soup done, to go with the Chicken Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup I made in the morning.  Then after supper I made the Hot Milk Cake, and this morning I hulled, sliced, and barely sugared (just to draw out a bit of juice) some strawberries and one mango to serve with the cake.  I'll drag the slicer up later so that Durwood can slice the bread and we'll be all set for our company.  One thing about doing all that cooking plus laundry in one day--I slept like a log, didn't wake up once between 11:00 and 7:30, ahhh.

Oh, I almost forgot, I made some mini-chocolate pudding pies for Pi Day.  Gotta have pie on Pi Day.  We even got more digits twice yesterday at 9:26 AM and PM--3.1415926.  Pretty cool, huh?

While the cake baked last night I had time to add a few rounds to the latest hat.  I think I'll go work on it once I'm done here.  Then all I'll have to do before the company comes is give the bathroom a quick wipe and run the vacuum in the living room where the solid dark brown carpet hides nothing.  I'm doing a lot more vacuuming that I used to but I sure don't want the salt I track in (even if I do take my shoes/boots off) grinding into the new carpet, besides it looks so pretty when it's all clear of salt and leaf pieces and yarn ends.  (man, I keep forgetting to put my yarn ends out for nest-making birdies, tsk.)  I've also tempted fate and put the boots in the front closet.  I'm afraid that'll bring back the falling white stuff, but I just can't stand to look at them today.  I just heard geese!  Oh boy!

March 15--Harold Lee Miller, DS5-2-1-12.  Archie picked his head up off his paws and turned to look at the closed door.  Jan heard the door of the mailbox click shut so she went to see what was there.  Too many people and companies used email instead of the post office, a trip to the mailbox just wasn't as much fun anymore.  "Come on, Arch," she said to the dog, "you can use a walk to the end of the driveway too."  She made a kissing sound and patted her thigh.  The old dog groaned as he rose and ambled to her side.  The sun darted between clouds promising cooler weather to go along with the leaves changing colors.  Jan was just as glad.  The summer had been too hot with very little rain.  Her cheap canvas tennis shoes were covered with dust long before she reached the road where the mailbox stood.

Aunt B, I read your comment about yesterday's storylet.  Before you get to "...and they lived happily ever after" you've got to have your characters face all sorts of adversity so Shelly will have to get hurt or be threatened by a bad guy, or both, before her Smoky Mountains Prince Charming can come and save her, THEN they can hike off, arm in arm, into the sunset.  Or the sunrise, which might be more evocative of the beginning of a happy life together.  Writing a story's never simple.  But I love that you read them and comment.  I think I'll go crochet a few rounds.  Or maybe I'll read the paper.


Cheryl Brocher said...

I'm still waiting for my Prince Charming to rescue me!!

Aunt B said...

That's why I could never become an author. All that background info and descriptive stuff eludes me! Your dinner sounded wonderful. Hope your guests enjoyed it!