Monday, March 9, 2015

Too Early & Dark

When my alarm clock went off this morning shortly after 6 o'clock I thought something was wrong with it.  It was dark.  It had been light at alarm clock time last week.  Then I remembered we crossed over into that stoopid Daylight Savings Time Saturday night which meant that I was too awake to go to bed at 10 o'clock last night and too sleepy to get up at 6 o'clock this morning.  Grrr.

I didn't do much yesterday beyond sit on my duff on the couch and play with yarn.  I hadn't lost the first mug rug I made, I had tucked it into my Guild folder in my knitting basket, so I took it and Finley the Flat Rat downstairs for a little bath and a pat.  They are now drying pinned to a foam tile so they look their best on Thursday night when they get shown off.  I made a round coaster and got about two-thirds of a two-color one done too.  Those are a lot bigger than the other ones but I won't hold that against them.  Now I need to write down all the particulars on an index card so that people can see what and how and who.  Also I need to check what I'll need to get ready to learn stuff for the meeting, yarn and needles and such, to play along.

I was awake just enough to notice the moon peering at me through the branches of the maple tree when I went out to get the paper and look how much the snow melted the last couple days.  The March sun is warmer than you think and it's been doing a number on the backyard snow.  Now if it'd only get rid of the tamped down stuff that's more like ice than snow on the patio I'd be happy.  That won't happen because we're sure to get more winter once this warm blows away to the East.

March 9--Don Carstens.  Cheryl walked along the sunny sidewalk enjoying the fresh air after her day in the office.  It had been a busy day, lots of phone calls, a few walk-ins, enough to keep her occupied so the day sped by.  She noticed that people ahead of her were avoiding a section of the sidewalk.  When she got there she saw a big letter C painted in black calligraphy.  In the next block an H was painted in lime green on the side of a building.

Time to post and run.  Maybe I'll manage to get to bed at a more reasonable time tonight.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

Are you going to finish that little story?? First the "C", then the "H" -- what next?? Cliffhanger!!!!