Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Ran Away From Home

While we were on the errand run yesterday morning I decided that I'd rather drive down to Sheboygan after knitting last night than get up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive an hour to meet Lala at 8 o'clock for breakfast.  So I did.  I talked it over with Durwood and he didn't mind, in fact, he thought it was a brilliant idea (this is just one reason why I made the right choice all those years ago).  I flung a few things into an overnight bag, grabbed a few coats (not sure what the lakeshore weather will bring) and after knitting, talking, and laughing for a couple hours, I zoomed off down the highway.

It was spitting rain a bit when I came into the city but by the time I'd unpacked and got my laptop up and running the rain was gone.  That let me put on my hoodie, grab my camera, and take a little walk down the riverwalk around 10 o'clock.  It was still 50 degrees and not at all windy, a great time and place to stretch my legs.

Right now it looks a little iffy, weather-wise, but it's early and it looks like it's clearing in the West.  No matter what weather happens today it'll be fun because we're planning to go to the museum, walk to the lake if it's not pouring rain (I only brought one pair of shoes), and go out for wood-fired pizza for supper.  What's not to love?

March 21--Duotone, Keyhole in the Sky.  Dale lay on the grass looking at cloud shapes.  She had found a hippo and Grammy's chair.  The rising sun painted the clouds pink, then yellow, and then white.  She liked the feeling of floating that she felt as she lay there, almost as if the rising sun and strengthening light were lifting her.  Soon Mom would call her from the back porch or she'd send Bernie or Mae out to get her.  Grammy's funeral was at 10 o'clock and Dale knew she would have to get washed up and dress in her church clothes, even though she didn't think Grammy would recognize her out of jeans and t-shirts.  Grammy had been a doing-stuff grandmother, not one of those dress up, tea party ones.

Pretty soon Lala will be here so I'd better get this spellchecked, slap on a couple photos, and get moving.  At least I'm dressed with teeth brushed and hair combed.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

You are brave to be out walking alone at ten o'clock at night! Hope you're having a fun day with your friend.