Thursday, March 19, 2015

In The Pink

I was awake before the sun came up (&^%#$ alarm clock) and had one eye open when I pulled the drapes to see the barely-pink sunrise beginning.  After I got the paper and shoved coffee in the microwave I looked out and it had gotten a lot pinker.  Almost makes getting up in the dark worth it.  Almost.

I discovered the other day that the Fuzzy Little Shapka hat fits but it's not long enough to cover those tiny ears.  Drat.  I was glaring at it the other night and just as the idea flitted into my head Durwood said, "Can't you add onto the bottom, knit down instead of up?"  I looked at him in surprise saying, "I just thought of that.  I was trying to avoid having to undo the top and make that part longer.  Great minds..."  So that's what I did last night.  Luckily I had enough yarn left to pickup stitches in the original cast on and add on about 10 rounds so it's double the length on the ear-covering part.  That should keep the cold wind out of tiny ears.  Funny how we both came up with the same idea simultaneously.  That's what comes from being married almost 39 years, I guess.

March 19--Fred Kenner, Coffee Black Two Sugars.  It was the most civilized part of Vera's day.  She used a white porcelain coffee cup and saucer, very plain, no ornamentation, a silver spoon in a pattern just barely over the line from unadorned, and the best coffee she could afford.  She was very strict about carving that one hour out of days that easily devolved into madness.  She sat at the dinette table bathed in morning light and let the serene ritual of a cup of coffee set the tone for her day.  Some days that hour was the only calm in the storm.

I want that.  I want that one peaceful hour with no talking, no TV blaring, not even any rattling of newspaper, just the sun shining on me and the birdies singing.  Right now a mourning dove is outside my window calling for its mate.  I do have coffee but it's lukewarm and I really need to wrap this up because I have to stop at Aldi for cheeses.  Durwood's making a crab pie for supper that calls for cubed cheddar and Swiss, we don't have any so I need to buy some.  Because I definitely want crab pie.  Definitely.  Off to procure cheese and then to work to count.  (Did you hear my Count from Sesame Street impression there?  One, ah, ah, ah!)

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Aunt B said...

So glad you could make that fuzzy hat fit better. It's too cute to just abandon and it looks darling on Lucy. I'm having that hour of coffee and quiet right now. Paul is in Myrtle and I have two hours before I head off for bridge! The only sounds are a drizzle of rain on the roof but that's supposed to stop soon.