Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sorry I Missed Posting

But my laptop cursor was acting funny so I was afraid I had a virus in the machine.  I took it to the fixit place on Monday so the only computer I had access to yesterday was Durwood's dinosaur of a desktop that I don't have the patience to use.  It's sooooo s-l-o-w it makes me want to bash it with a 2 X 4.  So I didn't post.  But Aaron called last night to say that the problem is my mouse so I can go get a new one, that my laptop is clean as a whistle so he didn't even charge me for anything.  Free computer reassurance.  I like that ISP company; they're local and they know me and my little Kumquat here, but we'd have to have an AT&T land line in order to get Internet through them and we bundle with Time Warner.  *sigh*  Maybe one day I'll ditch cable and get direct TV then I can get back to the people and service I like.  I like that the service people speak English as their native tongue.  It's hard to be polite to most computer and phone service people as English isn't their first language and usually I'm pretty frustrated and impatient already without having to struggle to understand technical commands given by someone with an accent.  Not prejudice, just frustrated.  Plus I like to "buy local" when I can.

When I got home from work on Monday Durwood told me to look at the tomato on the cutting board.  I glanced at it and immediately grabbed the camera.  The seeds inside were sprouting!  He said he was tempted to get a planter and some potting soil and start his garden but I nixed that in a big hurry.  The only complaint I have about our house is there are no window sills and no place convenient to have plants by a window.  Besides there's that whole "we should do ___" thing, I had enough of that from Mom growing up, I know that means "you should whatever" and "I" won't get dirty.  Mom was great at cleaning the basement from the second step from the bottom, bossing Dad, me, and the twins around.  I'm not falling for that anymore.

I was lucky enough to be crossing the bridge yesterday when the sun was coming up.  It's not often I have a high vantage point, and I didn't even drive out of my lane or into the guardrail when I took this picture. 

March 18--Clifton, State Park, ME.  The boulders lay in the still lake looking like sleeping beasts.  Great mounds of gray clouds piled up over the hills in the distance shoving the blue sky aside and sending the sunshine into hiding.  The bright yellow aspen leaves shivered in a wind send down from the clouds.  The wind skimmed the water, ruffling it, and for a moment Gala was certain she saw one of the boulder beasts begin to stir.  She had been awake since the first thin rays crept over the horizon.  The last of the night's chill clung to her but was quickly chased by the sun's warmth.  She hurried to pack up her tent and put out her fire before the storm slid down over the hills and drenched her.

I'm so happy to have my laptop back but now I need to go count things.  We have an inventory scanner thing for me to play with this week.  Yippee.

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Aunt B said...

Oh my goodness -- that sprouting tomato looks weird somehow. Like the little squiggly things were trying to get out of there! I missed you yesterday but figured it was something with your computer. Glad it wasn't anything major!