Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Called It, Aunt B

What I wrote about "Mel" on the treadmill yesterday is exactly how I feel about it.  Some mornings I enjoy my little jaunt on there but often I glare at the timer trying to make it count faster.  I wish it was a Jetson's treadmill that I could push a button and have it fold up into briefcase I could stow in a closet between walks--but then I'd probably shove an anvil in front of it so it'd be extra hard to get out and I wouldn't walk.  With maturity comes self-knowledge.

I got an exciting call from Lala yesterday--she nagged the people at the Cassandra Voss Center at St. Norbert College and got us each a ticket to see a panel discussion with Gloria Steinem and bell hooks next month.  (holy cats, you guys, Gloria's 81. when did we get so old?)  We're excited.  It's a hard ticket to get.  The local bishop made a stink about Gloria's stance on abortion (which isn't the subject of the panel), it was smeared all over the newspaper and the media, so I'm sure there were scads of people clamoring for tickets who wouldn't have even known about it otherwise.  But Lala was persistent and she triumphed.  Woohoo!  She's taking me as her guest.  Thank you, Lala.

I did knit on the wrap yesterday at work and after supper and look! I've got about 1/4" to go.  Yes!  I'll get that knitted today at work and begin the laborious work of binding it off.  Maybe I'll put on a bigger needle tip so that my bind-off isn't too tight... yeah, that's a good idea.

March 12--Christopher Talbot Frank, Orange Sunset Sky.  For the barest space of time the entire world was orange.  Even the air had a hazy orange tinge to it.  Ann stood on the edge of the marsh marveling that in the space of one breath all of the vegetation had turned from green to black and the sky, water, and air were the color of sunspots and campfires.  She felt the hesitation of birds and insects as they waited for the moment to pass, waited for dusk to melt into night.  It made her smile to think of the day shift and night shift passing each other, one tired from a busy day, the other revving up for a night of food and song.  Then the orange light that had flooded the valley rose up and slid over the horizon drawing its midnight blue blanket of stars across the sky.

Tonight's the knitting guild meeting so I'd better go make sure I have all the things I need to take.  It's my turn to bring treats.  Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work I go...

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Aunt B said...

Ah the satisfaction of a job well done -- and finished!!! Congrats on coming to the end of the Oriole Wing Wrap! Good for you!!!