Friday, March 6, 2015

I Made a Rat!

I finished my Flat Rat last night.  Well, I sewed on the beady little eyes this morning so I guess officially I finished it today.  Anyway, I love it but it's quite a bit smaller than I thought it'd be so I'll be knitting him a big brother on US2 needles pretty soon.  I must have some more rat colored yarn around here somewhere, it only took about 18 yards to make him.  His name is Finley, by the way.

Last night I also finished the Fuzzy Little Shapka hat.  It's... okay.  The top got kind of lumpy and I can't seem to make it not lumpy but it'll fit some small person's head.  If our own personal small person doesn't fit it, I'm absolutely certain there's a small person somewhere who will.

I frogged (ripped out, you know, frogs say "ribbit") the Audrey hat swatch.  The yarn's way too thin and the dark colors don't show the delicate chevron pattern, so I got out some Silky Wool to give it another go.  It doesn't look much thicker than the Interlacements Sweet Feet but it says it is so it must be.  I'll get out my WPI (wraps per inch) gauge and check it before I commit.  But last night I started crocheting a Bunny Lovie for somebody and got pretty far this morning.  Crocheting's a lot fast than knitting, at least for me.

I told you I'd try to take a picture of the crusty snow and I did.  I think the closeup of the one bunny track shows it the best.  There's no sun today to make interesting shadows but I think it might be warmer, above the teens anyway.  Holy moly, it's almost 30 degrees out there!

March 6--Ron Nielsen, Food as Speciality.  Grace loved autumn.  The last fruits of summer hung heavy on the vines and, in the orchard, early apples and pears were ripening.  Since the peaches peaked in late August she had made at least one batch of jam every day.  She had hit every Goodwill, St. Vinnie de P, and Starvation Army thrift store looking for jars.  No yard sale was safe either.  Al teased her that she was going to put Smuckers out of business and keep the Mason and Ball jar companies going into the next century.  At first she thought he meant that he was getting irritated at her since sugar wasn't cheap, but then she noticed him lugging in a box of jars when he came home from a farm auction in Booneville and he was quick to offer guests a "little something sweet from us to take home" when they were putting on their coats.

Well, I frittered away the morning perched on the couch playing with yarn and beads so I'm finally getting around to blogging.  I don't care.  I enjoyed the quiet morning without self-inflicted "should"s nipping at my heels, and I just spent a half hour talking to my baby brother.  An excellent day.  Enjoy your Friday night.

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Aunt B said...

Love all your pictures today. Gotta admit that flat rat is cute -- and I can't believe I'm even writing "rat" and "cute" in the same sentence. Plus that fuzzy hat is adorable. Hope to see it modeled by a small person we both know (you better than me) and love!