Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring, Definitely

I might sound like Rainman, but there are definite signs of Spring out in the yard away from the micro-climates.  At the northwest corner of the house, where the North wind hits first, the forsythia bush is budding.  Along the west side the iris and poppies are making their appearance.  Along the lot line last year's milkweed pods are still frosty in the early morning.  The quality of the sunlight has changed; it has that golden, warming up quality that makes the frost in the morning bearable.  It's going to warm up a bit later today, I just know it.

My walk yesterday consisted of circling the house to see what's popping up and what's waiting, and walking up the hill to the neighbors to ask about their first winter escape trip and visit for the first time in a long time without having to be bundled up or go inside.  Not very exercise-y but very satisfying.

I got the cuff of the second Play Day Mitten knitted and made a start on the hand last night.  I'm still going to take it to work just in case I can steal time to knit a round or two.  I only have to make 3 1/2 inches so I'll get that finished sometime today.  Guaranteed.  Then all I'll need to do is crochet a chain to connect them and they'll be done.  AND before the winter things get put away.  I might even have enough yarn left to make a matching hat... but I had a brainstorm to pair it with some solid red to stretch it if I don't, I've even got a simple pattern all picked out and printed off.  I'm smart that way.

April 11--Doug Wechsler, Saltmarsh Sunrise.  Elaine peeked through her lashes at the faint tint of color on the eastern horizon.  She had slept on the daybed on the porch so the sunrise would wake her.  It seemed like a great idea last night but right now in the chill before the sun came up she wondered if watching the sun come up would be worth losing sleep.  She dashed to the bathroom, flipping on the coffee pot as she passed, and came back to pull on some of Dave's old sweats and some thick socks.  Perfect timing, she thought as the coffee pot gave its last gurgling wheeze.  She poured the fresh brew into a thick diner mug with  Abner Feed & Seed printed on it and settled back on the daybed as the first golden orange rays pierced the night-dark sky.

I thought about making the post headline say something like "my last blog" but I thought that'd be a mean April Fools joke since I know how much my daily blabbering means to so many people so I'll tell you that this is the second to the last.  I'm getting tired of dredging up something semi-interesting to pair with an adequate picture or two every bloody day so I'm quitting... no, I'm not, not really.  April Fools!  I kind of love doing this and I imagine that your lives would be diminished if I quit.  (hey, I can pretend, can't I?)  Enjoy your day.  I'm off to have my cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats leftover from the weekend.  Ooh, fancy.  (DS & DD, remember getting to pick a box of sugary cereal to take on camping trips?)  Toodle-oo!

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Aunt B said...

Don't even THINK about quitting your blog!!! My morning couldn't begin without my peek into your life! I love your ramblings, your pictures and seeing what's OTN at all times!