Thursday, April 23, 2015

At Least It's Sunny

Sunny always looks warmer than cloudy with snow flurries (ya think?) and it's supposed to start warming up.  I was happy to see that the clouds were headed east and the trailing edge was breaking up so that I could see blue sky and sunshine when I got up this morning.  Maybe it'll be warm enough to take LC to the zoo this weekend.  I bought a family pass the other day so we can go as much as we want to all year long.  This is a good thing.  She loves sheep and they have them (baa!!!), I love giraffes we can feed, and there's lots of running room for a girl on the go.  Hmm, maybe I need to invest in a toddler leash.  I remember Mom had what she called harnesses for TW and AJ when they were 3 years old or so.  They were adventurous twin boys who were never lost when they were together so she needed a small advantage when we were out.  (I also think that was after TW darted into the street and got hit by a car so she was smart to use restraints to keep them safe.)  I remember us being downtown and a pair of middle-aged women in gloves and hats and city suits stopped behind us on a corner.  One of them said to her friend, "Look at that, she has those babies on leashes like they were animals."  Never being shy, Mom turned around and said, "If you want to chase them, I'll turn them loose."  The woman harrumphed and looked away.  I think they look a bit less like a dog harness (and those old ones didn't go around their necks... really they didn't) these days but I can see using one for LC at the zoo because right now her favorite phrase is "let's go!"

The forsythia's blooming!  It's just starting but I am thrilled to see the few yellow flowers on the barren branches.  The daffodils and hyacinths are still doing their job of keeping Spring alive.  I emptied and drained the fountain last night and put the heater back into the birdbath as I said I would.  I'll restart the fountain when it's a little more reliably above freezing at night.

April 23--Brian Fraunfelter, BF503.

Under thin ice
the web of blue bubbles
looks like single cells,
clustered on a microscope slide
stained and sliced
to be counted, studied.
A shaft of week
spring sunlight
ends the experiment

Time to go pick up some scuba tanks at the testing place and then zoom over the river (but not through any woods) to work.  See ya later, alligator.

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Aunt B said...

No, your mom was never shy about putting anyone in their place. She was a confident woman!!! LC must take after her grandma if her favorite phrase is "Let's go". I bet she learned that from you!