Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring's A-popping!

Last night when I left Friday Night Knitting I saw the full moon, it followed me home so I took its picture.  One of these days I'll figure out how to take its picture without the halo around it.  We were supposed to be able to see a lunar eclipse (I think) this morning between 5:30 and 6 o'clock but the thick clouds had rolled in by then so I'm glad I didn't set an alarm to get up to see it.  (It's bad enough that my alarm woke me at 6:30 so I could wake up Durwood so he has time to get ready for his breakfast with pals today.  I get to drive which means I get breakfast out too.  Pretty good deal, eh?)

When I pulled the shade up over the head of the bed I saw that next door's maple tree is starting to bud.  This is a good sign of Spring.  Also the little hyacinth closest to the porch is bravely poking its flower stalks up into the cold and light.  I love it.  Hyacinths were Dad's favorites in the Spring.  That makes me smile.

Last night at knitting I got started knitting the fraternal twin of the Tribal Coaster I made for Knitting Guild last month.  I didn't need another coaster, I just wanted one, to kind of complete the set, you understand.  I learned that this kind of 2-color knitting is called "mosaic knitting" and it's not limited to Ballband Dishcloths or these coasters.  I looked it up on Ravelry and there are all sorts of patterns using it.  I'm especially partial to the ones using one solid and one variegated yarn.  Hmm, I just had a brainstorm.  I want to knit a hat to match those Play Day Mittens I knitted last week, maybe I can find a mosaic hat pattern for one.  (I just went over to Ravelry and started looking for hats, well, I need to be getting ready for breakfast so I need to just stop and do it later.  Pay attention, Barbara!)

April 4--Jim Esposito, DS96106

The ivory cups of numerals
invite finger pressure.
Click, clack on the keys.
Tarnished brass arms
articulate to strike
white paper strips
full of expenses,
plus and minus,
divide and multiply.
Rip, crumple, start over.

The mechanical world
of numbers replaced
by digital bits and bytes,
silent and sterile.

Lost elegant machines
languish in dusty "junque" shops
prey to Steampunk devotees.

Enjoy your Saturday.  I still have laundry and sewing to do today.  Laundry is neverending, sewing is always satisfying.  Time for breakfast.

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