Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Night to Remember

Lala and I went to hear Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks discuss feminism last night.  It was amazing, not only what they said and who they are but the atmosphere in the room was energizing and uplifting.  I felt validated in my life choices and recognized for the place I am in life right now.  I needed that.

There was a small, sad contingent of protesters shuffling in the street outside the theater, carrying signs and praying the rosary.  I'm not clear what they objected to... actually I know exactly what they were protesting, the bishop made a to-do about them talking about abortion (which is how I heard that the speakers would be there in the first place). I wonder why they object to women having control over their own bodies.  Until the protesters step forward and take responsibility for the women and babies, making sure they have medical care, a safe environment to live in, and enough to eat maybe they want to rethink their position.  Pray, yes.  Interfere, no.

It snowed this morning.  No, really.  Not enough to cover anything but for a while there around 6:30 the flakes flew fast and furious.  It was also cold enough to freeze the birdbath and the water in the fountain.  I'll be draining the fountain tonight and putting the heater back in the birdbath because the lows for the next week are supposed to dip below freezing.  *sigh*  For the time being my tender herb plants are wearing a stylish tan bedsheet huddled against the wall of the house for warmth.  It's blasted cold out today, winter coat cold, although I couldn't bring myself to put mine on.  I am wearing long jeans and wool socks, and I've got an emergency pack of foot warmers in my purse, just in case.  Brr.

April 22--Lightscapes, TCFX-020295.

Talk talk talk
talk talk
wired or wireless
inanities bounce
from tower to satellite
and back to tower
before the bits or bytes
or pulses
squawk out of the receiver
Shelly tells Reg that
Gloria thinks that
Lisa likes Jason
or maybe Michael.

There are workmen outside sawing up the sidewalk trying to trace the lines to see where they go.  It's noisy.  I think I'll put in some earplugs.  Time to heat up my soup for lunch.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like you had a really great evening. Like a therapy session -- made you feel so good about yourself. As well you should! Nice to be in a good place right now!!!