Friday, April 24, 2015

Rhubarb Report

Look at the rhubarb!  It's really growing.  I feel a pie coming on--or cake or bread or cobbler or rhubarb brown betty--some baked good with rhubarb in it is in my immediate future.  It might get made tomorrow or not until Sunday but I definitely see enough mature leaves to make some small rhubarb delicacy soon.

The herbs are surviving too.  I uncovered them this morning once it got into the 40s.  Most of it looks none the worse for wear, the basil seems to have suffered the most from the inhospitable-to-tender-annuals temps but I have faith that it'll rally once the sun warms it up and stays warm for a few days.  It's supposed to be warming up soon, even at night, but I'm not putting the tan bedsheet away just yet.

Last week I was cruising the clearance aisle at Walmart and came upon a modern-day version of the Sassy Seat we had when DD was small.  The Sassy Seat was a molded plastic and metal framed clamp-on-the-table high chair.  It wasn't very secure and had no way to belt the baby in.  Today's models are much safer, better padded, have a 5-point harness, and clamp on much more securely.  They aren't cheap either, but this one was half price so I snapped it up.  LC likes being right at the table with BaBa and MeMaw, we like her here too.

When Lala and I were walking from the car to the theater for the lecture the other night the sun was sliding behind a big cloud bank in the west and I snapped a couple pictures.  Both of us are big fans of the sky and Lala's especially partial to clouds, so I thought you might like to see these too.

April 24--Reagan Bradshaw, Fortune Cookie on Golf Tee.

He rocks into his stance,
head down,
wrists locked.
The breeze on his cheek
makes him shift
ever so slightly.
Another hip rock,
he coils, pauses,
uncoils in a blur.
His driver arcs around,
back over his shoulder.
If he's lucky
his ball will fly further
than the tee.

I've never played golf (too much boobage in the way) but my parents were avid so I heard a lot of game rehash over the years.  I've always believed the saying that golf is "a good walk spoiled."  I'd rather walk in the woods or sit and watch water flow or wave.  It's a sunny day and I'm so grateful.  Happy Friday!  It's knitting night, oh boy.

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Aunt B said...

Wonderful pictures today. I love all of them -- especially the herbs. No wait, especially the sky. Well, even the clamped seat thingie. And I love it that she has special names for you and D. I definitely see rhubarb something in your future.