Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Birds on Tuesday

It's back to sunny today and the birds at the feeders and birdbath this morning all say Spring to me.  This Goldfinch has got his summer feathers on and Robin Red-breast looks all spiffed up too.  So far Durwood hasn't seen any birds checking out the new fountain but that'll come soon enough.  It takes a little while for them to figure it out.

I finished the Play Day hat at work yesterday.  It's quite a bit bigger than I thought it'd be but since slouchy hats are in style, I'm not fussed.  I decided to drop the solid red when I started the decreases and I like the way it looks.  Next I plan to resurrect a sweater I started in 2010 (!!!) and see about finishing it before I start anything else (anything else BIG, anyway, I need those short, fast projects in between to keep me going)

April 14--Jim Barber, Globes.

In a dim corner
of the classroom
the world sits ready
for imagining.
Dusty orbs with obsolete names,
shifted borders,
irrational colors--
geography lessons in the round.
Is Kenya really pink?
Could Norway be purple?
I find my hometown,
dream of visiting
orange islands strewn
across beige seas.

I've always loved maps, seeing not flat pieces of paper but dynamic lands filled with interesting people.  In fact, my first career goal was to be a cartographer.  I wonder if that's still a job.

There's a pair of squirrels chasing around the backyard, must be spring out there.


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Aunt B said...

That hat looks like one of your best efforts. And yay for Springtime birds! They are truly harbingers of good times acomin'!