Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Even things in the back are sprouting.  We've got the gray green of sedum,

the yellow green of daylilies,


and the pink green of rhubarb.


And I picked a tiny pinch of chives to be put into last night's supper broccoli.  Real, green food picked from our actual garden.  Yay!


I got a little busy at work yesterday so I only got 2 sheep arms and 1 sheep leg crocheted.  I was planning to finish up last night but we had to finish organizing the taxes so I can take them to the attorney on my way to work tomorrow.  Taxes, boo.  I have high hopes of finishing leg #2 and both ears tonight.

April 7--Jim Westphalen, Peacock.

Not shy or retiring
he struts before his fan
of a tail.
A thousand iridescent eyes
wink behind him,
quivering in his magnificence,
ready to bedazzle
all of the drab hens
in his path.

It's cold, gray, and windy again today.  It's winter jacket weather again.  *sigh*  But stuff's popping up, gotta keep that in mind.  I hope the sun's shining on you today.

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Aunt B said...

No sunshine yet this morning down here in the Port City. I feel like a visitor in my own home. The new floor is going down in our bedroom so we're in the guest room for two nights and we both feel like guests!!! Still have to fix our own breakfast however.