Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sleeve Progress

I think I'm actually getting somewhere on the Red Marl sleeves.  I made a focused effort to knit at least one row an hour at work yesterday (when there weren't customers or work to be done) and they're longer.  Imagine that.  If you knit them, they will grow.  I've got 2 more increases to go and then it won't be long before I start the armpit decreases.  If I keep up this pace I should have it sewed together and be working on knitting the collar by the time it gets too hot to comfortably have that wad of wool on my lap.  I've got timing, I'll say that, but I'll also have a fabulous red wool sweater that I made all by myself to wear when it turns cold again, which it will before you can say Jack Sprat.  And I found another pattern to print off and put in my "knit this next" folder.  It's a red dishcloth with a poppy knitted in to honor fallen and disabled soldiers, that's what those old guys selling poppies outside the grocery are all about, you know, so I want to knit one for my friend who's a Vietnam vet.

The grape hyacinths are out in force in the front and the daffodils are in their glory.  If it wasn't 50 degrees I think I'd go out and lay on the ground and just gaze at their yellow, orange and white beautifulness.  I'm not much for picking flowers to bring indoors to die but I sure like having them in my yard where I can smile at them whenever I want.

We're planning a Sam's run later and our list is so long I'm thinking we might need a trailer to get home.  Not really, but kinda, stuff comes in big batches at Sam's and it's hard to resist things. I'll be strong and stick to the list.  Cross my heart.

April 28--Tom & Pat Leeson, Gray Wolf.

Snowflakes sparkle
diamonds on soft fur
Ice blue eyes unblinking
measure the distance
to a meal
soft pad of footfall
on fresh snow
marks the start
of the chase.

I left the sheet off the herbs last night and they all survived.  Maybe we're finally finished with sub-freezing nights?  It's almost May, people, it's time.  Oh, and the rhubarb bread is delicious, I just put too little batter in the pans.  I should have ignored the recipe (or measured my pans) and just made one loaf.  Oh well, I've got another recipe to try this weekend.  (And I'm still buying fresh baking powder today.)

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Aunt B said...

Hope your Sam's run didn't overwhelm your car. I'm like that when I go to Costco. Probably should wear blinders like a race horse!! Love, love, love that picture of LC you put on FB yesterday.