Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunshine! Blue Sky!

It's 44 degrees right now but supposed to climb to 59 degrees this afternoon.  Ahhh.  Since we've got some leftovers for supper we won't be grilling out today but I've already got the last slab of spareribs out of the freezer to thaw overnight, get seared tomorrow, and then spend the day in the smoker with some applewood chips and a slow fire, with some Honey BBQ sauce to finish them off.  Now if we only had some corn on the cob... oh, wait, I have frozen corn from Sunnyhill Farms cobs in the freezer.  Done and done.  Add a chopped salad and we're golden.  (We've left our Costco membership lapse [it's WAY across town (5 or 6 miles) and they don't have the things we regularly buy] but DS & DIL1 have theirs so I'm thinking of making a standing order for a bag of the shredded kale/Brussels sprout/cilantro bag o'salad they carry.  I'll ask how often they go, put some money on account, and get the salad I love without having to pay $55/year for it.  Good plan, don't you think?)

I poked my head out to get the paper and, look, the hyacinth snuggled in the corner is blooming!  It fills me with such joy I can't tell you.  And out the back the rhubarb leaves are unfurling.  It won't be long before there'll be a rhubarb pie or crumble coming out of the oven.

I am determined to finish the Play Day hat in good time so it's the only thing I'm knitting on right now.  Gasp!  I know, I'm not usually monogamous that way but it's simple knitting and, like I said, I want to get it done before the need for a knitted hat has passed for the season.

It surprised me that there wasn't a little mop and broom set in Walmart's toy department so I went over to the "real" broom department and found a small, corn broom for four bucks that I think will be just the thing for a small person who tried repeatedly to use Grandma's big broom last time she was here.  Don't they make toy cleaning supplies anymore?  No wonder people don't know how to clean their houses, they didn't practice when they were kids.  LC and I practice with the Swiffer duster every once in a while, she likes it, and nothing gets broken because I'm not a fool and move things first.

April 11--Harold Lee Miller, DS3-2-3 Handshake.

Hands firmly clasped,
right to right,
clashing cufflinks gleam
in the corner office light.
Negotiations over,
contract signed,
they seal the deal
with a handshake,
but bind it in legalese
like a trussed and hog-tied

I didn't get to the phone store in the mall yesterday, time got short and, I confess, I'm not a fan of the mall, but I will go today, really I will.  In fact, as soon as I hit "publish" I'm going to slap on some clothes and head there.  I have a list.  God, I'm old.


Aunt B said...

Ah the joy that sunshine brings. It was beautiful here yesterday afternoon and this morning is continuing along the same line. Bright sunshine streaming in the bedroom windows. Makes getting up sooooo much easier! Check out my FB page for our contribution to Azalea Festival weekend.

Cheryl Brocher said...

Hey Barbara...

My Dad's name was Harold Miller!! I had to look twice for a second. And my son's name is Lee, but my Dad's middle name was Walter!