Friday, April 17, 2015

Yard Work

I had made up my mind that I'd use today to clean up the yard and garden for spring.  I went out at 10:30 and except for a half-hour jaunt to Home Depot for more herb plants (only $2 each! nice big healthy plants!) I worked steady until about 2:15.  No wonder my back hurt.  Now I have 2 nice piles of trimmings and dead things for the stick truck to pick up next time they're in the neighborhood.  I also have 3 pots of herbs on the patio and I put the bay leaf bush out until it gets frosty again.  Look!  Pots of tasty, green leaves.  Cross my heart I'll let them grow a bit before I start pinching leaves off.

Since we save peels and veggie trimmings for the chickens, every once in a while I get to stop to collect a few eggs.  See what I got on my way home from work yesterday?  A blue-green one from General Tso or Kiev, a white one from Henny, and the light brown one from Princess Cuckoo.  I know it seems pretty nuts but I absolutely love having eggs from chickens I know.

Before I got dressed in my playing-in-the-dirt clothes I finished the last few rows of the Red Marl sweater front.  Woohoo!  I'm taking the front and back to show off at Friday Night Knitting tonight and then tomorrow they get to have a little soak in wool wash and then I'll block them into shape so I can sew them together when I get the sleeves done.  I've got a couple inches of cuffs knitted already and am certain I have enough yarn to finish them (since I bought the yarn when a shop went out of business in 2009 and the yarn's discontinued so I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to find more if I needed it anyway).

April 17--Aiupy Photographs, Corn.

What is now uniform
once was random,
yellow kernels in tidy rows
evolved from snaggles,
big and small in a jumble,
colored from white through
yellow and orange
all the way to red.
A cob of red corn
was good for a kiss
at a shucking bee.
To me uniformity isn't
an improvement.

I've showered off the dust, little pieces of plants, and a gallon of sweat.  I think I'll go make myself a ham sandwich and heat up my share of the remaining roasted cauliflower from the other night.  I'm getting hungry and it's getting on toward time to go to knitting.  Byeee!

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Aunt B said...

Your pictures today are so colorful -- blue sky, green herbs, red sweater and pastel eggs! Thanks for starting my day in such a bright way!