Monday, April 6, 2015

Have You Seen My Needle?

Arrrgh!  Between Friday night and this morning when I was organizing my knitting basket for the week I misplaced a needle.  It's a Knit Picks US6 in the Caspian (green/blue) color and I am brokenhearted.  I didn't knit on that project between then and now so I don't remember if I had it when I came home from Friday Night Knitting or not.  Don't cry, little needle, I'm looking for you!

Instead of knitting I sewed up a little blankie for LC's Easter basket (she's too little for candy) and got to work on a sheep to add to the Old MacDonald's menagerie as the sheep happens to be the animal and animal sound of the month.  I love how it's looking but crocheting with this chenille-y yarn makes it virtually impossible to see the stitch I'm supposed to hook into on the previous row.  I stewed about it for about 10 minutes and then I realized that I could poke the hook in wherever, make stitches and the fuzz would cover up any discrepancies.  I think I'm going to love the result and it'll be machine wash and dry.
Bread was my contribution to the Easter feast at DS & DIL1's yesterday.  I made some Semolina bread dough on Friday so yesterday I hacked off a chunk that I divided up into 12 pieces and made them like rolls.  They weren't soft like rolls but they stood up to the ham and scalloped potatoes well.  These last 3 got turned into little ham sandwiches for lunches this week.  Or maybe just today if I'm hungry, but they'll be extra tasty I'm sure with a little mayo and a touch of mustard.  Yum.

Goldfinches are turning yellow!  I saw this pair yesterday morning on the feeder so even though the Juncos are still hanging around, and one just tried to fly through the window next to me, I know that Spring has to be coming.  Has to be, even though it's gray and very windy and chilly today, so chilly that I am contemplating wearing my winter coat again.  Ugh.  I'm over being cold.

Since I didn't blog yesterday you're getting both Saturday night and Sunday night's poems, because I especially like Saturday night's effort and the Sunday one is short.

April 5--Greg Hadel, Radio Telescopes.

Sending signals out,
listening for a signal back.

One little peep from
outer space quickens
Scientists' pulses,
fires up the Tin-Hat Brigade.

If there is intelligent life
out there,
way way way out
I hope they avoid us
like the plague.

We make enough trouble
for Ourselves
without adding
Little Green Men
to the mix.

April 6--Jose Schell, LGS1010 Red Fox.

The red fox lay
curled in
on itself,
nose to haunch,
a living parody
of the fox stoles
our grandmothers wore.

See?  That wasn't so painful now, was it?  It's a work day.  It's payday.  Gotta run.  Happy belated Easter!

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Aunt B said...

That little lamb is going to be so cute! And yay for the yellow finches. Definite harbinger of Spring!