Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny Flakes of Frozen Rain

Yeah, I'm not saying that word, even though something resembling that was pelting me when I walked out of the dollar store earlier.  Remember how gorgeous it was last Friday, all sunny, breezy, and 72 degrees?  It isn't like that any more.  It isn't anything resembling that.  It's blowing a cold gale and these little pieces of frozen stuff are riding the wind every so often.  Nothing is gathering in groups on the edges of the street or in protected chilly corners but it's supposed to dip below freezing tonight and for the next few nights, so a trip down to the old sheets box in the basement for something to cover my tender herbs is definitely in order.  Sheesh.  Way to bamboozle us, Mother Nature.  Here are some scilla to cleanse your brain of that stuff.

I managed to get a halfway decent photo of my supper plate yesterday so you can feast your eyes on the wonderfulness that is Italian Braised Chicken.  It's superlatively yummy and we're very glad to have 2 more suppers of it waiting in the wings.  *takes a bow for no good reason*

I had a quite a bit of knitting time between customers yesterday so the Red Marl sweater sleeves are progressing nicely.  I'm very glad that I decided to knit them together so that I don't have to take detailed notes to make sure that they're identical.  Sometimes I think I have more than one flickering brain cell left.  Sometimes.

My pal Lala is coming over in a couple hours for supper and then she and I (and a few hundred other people) are going over to St. Norbert College in DePere to hear bell hooks and Gloria Steinem speak.  We're excited, DD & SIL1 are jealous, and we can't wait.

April 21--Eric Crossan, Smooth Sailing.

The sea, like a copper sheet,
ripples away
from the sailboat's bow.
There's just enough wind
to fill the sails
in the orange sunset light.
Following in the wake
of ancient sailors
Down Time defines
a return to the laws
of wind, currents,
and tide.

I'd like to be on a sailboat under a sunny Caribbean sky right now, wouldn't you?  Instead I'm bundled up in thick socks, long jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel shirt--AND I'll be wearing a winter coat when I go out later.  *sigh*

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Aunt B said...

It's like winter just won't let go! Those tiny, tiny drops of frozen rain are out there only to kinda poke you and say "Barb, I'm still around - just for a little bit longer!" Ugh!!! Your QB is going to be on Jeopardy next week. Hope D will be watching and that Aaron will make GB proud for more than his football prowess.