Monday, April 27, 2015

Flat Bread

How do you know when you need new baking powder?  When your loaves of rhubarb bread are as flat as pieces of French toast.  *sigh*  I haven't tasted it yet, I'm sure it'll be tasty but dense.  At first I thought I put too little batter in each pan but I suspect that the main culprit is my baking powder with the Dec 2014 expiration date.  (it's probably a bit of both)  That stuff must know when it's supposed to expire and goes all-in as soon as that date rolls around.  It's a good thing the recipe only makes a couple small loaves of bread, I'd hate to have wasted a lot of ingredients on this failure.  *sigh*  Guess I'll be buying baking powder tomorrow and trying again.  Maybe I'll try a different recipe too... could be the recipe is flawed... but it's probably the dead baking powder.  This is why I don't buy Bisquick anymore.  I just don't use the stuff fast enough to use it up before it gives up the ghost.

There are buds on the lilac bush.  I don't think I've ever looked at it this time of year before.  The buds look like tiny groups of grapes standing on the tips of the branches.  There are a few leaves poking out too but mostly there are flower buds.  Hooray!

I knitted on the sweater sleeves but they don't look much different than they did before so I won't be boring you with pictures.  I mostly just goofed off yesterday, read the paper, played computer games, and knitted.  I ran to the store in the afternoon BEFORE my abortive bread baking attempt so I didn't realize we needed new baking powder or the bread outcome would have been different.  I'm peeved about it, can you tell?

April 27--Michael von Ruber, Autumn Reflections.

Aspen leaves
yellow coins pile up
slither down
into the stream
they float away

Sitting and knitting (or doing crosswords or playing on the computer) for hours yesterday put an ache between my shoulder blades I can't seem to stretch out.  I want someone to pick me up by my shoulders and snap my bones back into place like you shake out a rug.  Wouldn't it feel great to have everything all lined up again?  Yeah, that'll never happen, but I can dream, can't I?  It's Monday--again.  How do these days roar around so quickly?  Life's a blur.

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Aunt B said...

How I envy you those lilacs!! Even the buds look beautiful but then when it blooms -- the scent!!! After this winter, however, you've earned it. Too bad about that rhubarb bread you so looked forward to. Hope it tasted good. And the sweater goes on.....