Sunday, April 12, 2015

What I Learned at the Mall...

First, don't go to the mall on Saturday.  Everyone in the hemisphere goes to the mall on Saturday.

Second, take a list.  I had a tiny list of the things I wanted to learn how to do on my phone.  Even though a couple I couldn't do because my Windows phone won't load iPhone apps or I'd have to pay $10/month to do them, the list did help remind me what to ask about because my brain has turned from Velcro to Teflon over the years so if I don't snatch at thoughts and put them on paper as they whiz by they're lost forever.

Third, the young woman at the AT&T store showed me the Maps app that comes free with my phone so now I can find out how to go to DD & SIL1's house, or anyplace else, without using Robert the GPS.  It'll even talk to me while I drive!

Fourth, I also learned how to Instagram.  I learned that I can't use camera pix, only phone pix, and I learned that it's uber-public so no pix with persons' faces is my first Instagram rule.  Now I can hashtag just like the big kids!

In knitting news (knitting knews? nitting news? either way is a temptation.) I got to the decreases on the Play Day hat last night but look how the variegated red stripe matched up with the solid red.  It was a trick to keep the yarns separate but I can kind of see the difference in the colors in that picture.  And it's pretty much too warm for the hat now anyway.  See what the temp was outside at 9:32 this morning?  61.2 degrees, and only going up.

I knew it was going to be sunny and warm today so I thawed out the last slab of spareribs in the freezer yesterday and got them on the smoker this morning.  This is my first time using the smoker, I hope I do it right, but I'm confident they'll taste great despite my inexperience.

April 12--Scott Van Sicklin, Business Woman.

Take charge
Take no guff
Rising rising
through the glass ceiling
and beyond,

Fleet Farm has a couple of fountains half-price in their ad this week (while supplies last!) and I read that the wrens will only nest near running water which explains why we didn't have any last season (didn't put out the fountain), so I'm on a mission to go get one.  We want wren nests again.  Plus it's time to check on my ribs.  Tootles!

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Aunt B said...

Good for you for learning all that new stuff your phone can do. I still can't figure out how to take a picture with mine and then send it someplace. My ancient brain just can't compute -- or something! I want you to have wrens too. They are the cutest birds of all! Even daddy liked them!!!