Monday, February 9, 2015

See, I Told You I'd Be Here Earlier Today

I was stunned to realize that it was getting light at 6:30 when I staggered out into the kitchen this morning and opened the drapes.  The eastern sky was lightening just a bit so I braved the cold to take its picture.  Then when I went out the front to get the newspaper the moon, not quite full anymore, was shining down out of the bluing sky through the maple branches.  Well, we all know what a sucker I am for a moon shot so I took it, even though I was too cold to brace my arm on the house so it's a little blurry.

I finished the mug rug last night after supper.  Man, knitting with cotton yarn's hard on the hands.  I guess it's because cotton doesn't have much give, it isn't sproingy at all so it resists when you tug it around the needles.  I like the little rug, I think I'd like it better in yarn with shorter color changes so there's more color opposition throughout so I may try again, next time with Hobby Lobby cotton yarn which is somehow different and easier on the hands.  I see that my rug isn't square or squared up but a little blocking should take care of that tout suite.  It's a long time until the March BLKG meeting when I need to show it off.

I'm getting excited to have all of next week off work and no big plans.  I know I have unrealistic expectations (that should be my middle name) of the week and what I'll accomplish but it'll be luxurious just not to have the alarm clock jangle me out of bed in the dark every day.

February 9--Rick Dykinga, Waterfall, UT.  They could hear the sound of the waterfall when they were more than half a mile away.  The high canyon walls acted like a megaphone turning up the volume and projecting it out into the valley.  Willa's group had started at a fast pace when they left the trailhead.  Two of the men, Tom and Rob, had some sort of competition going between them.  They set a blistering pace but Willa had called out to them to slow down because they had a long way to go.  They did slow down but it wasn't until the first rest stop and the reality of blisters and the heat forced them into a more reasonable hiking speed.

It's a work day. It's payday.  So I'm off to breakfast, shower, overdress and leave.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Missed you when we were in W-S but it was a very short trip. Back to the old routine around here. Dreary day today but at least it's warm.