Thursday, February 19, 2015

B-b-b-below Zero

We're talking Polar Vortex here.  I don't think the weather-guessers have said those actual words but, Mother Mary, it's cold out there.  It won't get above zero today, I'm certain of it, and the wind chill's about -30.  Brrr.  I had an appointment to get my car's oil changed this morning so I had to go out.  I dressed like I was going for a trek in the Arctic, except I skipped the long johns.  I just couldn't face putting them on so my legs froze but my feet and my torso were warm.  And I wasn't outside that long.  Really.

The hawk stopped by for lunch but left disappointed.  There have been few visitors at the feeders the last day or two.  It's evidently too cold even for the squirrels.  I've been diligent about keeping water in the birdbath and noticed this morning that it was so cold that the barely above freezing water was steaming in the icy air.  Brrrr.

Yesterday evening I remade and beefed up the pink bib and got the green, monkey bib sewed up.  Now I just have to wait for it to be a little warmer before I go try them on their intended wearer.  You know it's cold when a grandma waits to visit her grandbaby.

I "spent" my last Christmas gift today.  Knit Picks has needles on sale and I've been saving my gift card from DS, DIL1, & LC for just such a sale, so I plonked the number down in the box and an interchangeable needle set will come live with me.  Thanks, beloved family, I'll think of you every time I use the needles.  I might even knit you something with them.

February 19-- The lichens covering the fallen branches were the only green things in sight.  Autumn leaves in reds, oranges, and yellows lay on the layer of brown leaf litter like designs on a Persian rug.  The lines of pale gray-green branches lent a surreal depth to the sight.  It wasn't silent in the woods.  Far from it.  Squirrels squabbled over the last of the acorns and black walnuts, and chickadees chattered and called from bare branches overhead.  Mary drew up the collar of her old barn jacket and then shoved her hands deep into the pockets.  "It's just that I think better out in the fresh air," she said to the man walking a few paces behind.  "You should have worn a hat."  Lewis hunched his shoulders even higher and grumbled, "No one wears a hat with hair this good."  He picked up the pace.  "So, have you finished this latest rewrite?  What did you do about the randy plumber?"  Mary stifled a laugh.  "I put the randy plumber on the shelf and, no, I haven't finished the rewrite, not quite.  Anyway, you're not ready for it yet, are you?"

Durwood and I are planning a little Chinese supper to ring in the Year of the Sheep tonight.  I found a recipe for fried "rice" with shredded cauliflower standing in for the rice.  We're going to go traditional tonight--a chicken broccoli stir fry with cashew garnish served on real rice and egg drop soup--but we've got a cauliflower we plan to sacrifice in the next couple nights to see how it tastes.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Aunt B said...

I knew you'd acknowledge the Year of the Sheep with a Chinese dinner. And I love the finished monkey bib. Far more professional looking than the placemats I made yesterday. A little wonky -- not perfect squares -- but I'll use my old stand-by explanation -- "shows they're handmade"! Somehow that sounds so much been than "homemade"! Couldn't find what I wanted on eBay or Etsy (something with Scottie dogs), so I made my own!!!