Monday, February 23, 2015

Not the Way I Wanted to Start My Monday

I rolled out of bed when the alarm rang and nearly fell over.  I was suddenly so dizzy I couldn't walk straight.  It took me a couple hours to figure out what was wrong--vertigo.  Don't get this, trust me, you don't want it, not even for a minute.  I tried to slough it off but ended up seeing the doc and getting some pills for dizziness.  Stupid calcium crystals in my inner ear.  The doc says I just have to wait them out.  I'm taking it easy the next couple days, but this is not the way I wanted to extend my vacation.  NOT even close.

I spent most of yesterday downstairs working on the book clutch.  I got the zipper enclosed in fabric and ended up having to unsew the cover sleeves to get the zipper sewed in.  It's in there and it zips but it doesn't lay flat and the zipper fabric pooches out weird, but this is a practice one so I'm going to keep fiddling with it.  You get the idea now.  I admit I might have to fall back to making it the way the tutorial says to make it but I've got plenty of books to cut apart, lots of fabric and a couple more zippers, all I'll have to buy is the special glue and some heavier Heat & Bond.  (Joann only had "lite")

After supper I let myself cast on a new, quickie project.  Ages and ages ago my friend, Z-Dawg, gave me a bunch of sock yarn leftovers.  I've made tiny purses out of it, used some of it for my maple tree scarf project, but mostly it just sat there looking at me with its big puppy eyes.  Then last week I found a pattern for a scarf/cowl thing made with US19 needles and 5 strands of DK weight yarn held together.  Well, I have US17 needles and most sock yarn's skinnier than DK weight so I cast on 10 extra stitches, and I probably should be carrying 6 strands but I'm 3 rounds in and I like it.  I'm calling it the Many Socks Cowl.  And because the coffee mug sweater I knitted a couple weeks ago slips off my work mug I cast on another one that I won't do the decreases on, that way it'll stay snug on the slippery cheap plastic gimme travel mug I use at work.

February 23--Andrew Child, World Map on Sky and Wall.  Kinsey was never still.  Even as a child she had to move.  Her Grandpa Charlie called her "the dynamo" and she took numerous trips to the principal's office because she had a hard time staying in her seat.  Until forth grade, that is.  In fourth grade there was Geography class and Kinsey learned that countries weren't just vari-colored spaces on paper, they were actual places where people lived, went to jobs, and spoke different languages.  She checked out an atlas from the downtown library and it was very hard to have to return it.  That year she asked for a world atlas for Christmas, only an atlas.  Grandpa Charlie subscribed to National Geographic.  He had years and years worth of them stacked in the back bedroom he used as an office.

Didn't everyone's grandpa have stacks of those yellow magazines tucked away somewhere?  I'm off to sit on the couch and knit.  Maybe I'll watch a movie, or take a nap.

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Aunt B said...

Well crap!!! That vertigo had to be scary for you. That's so frightening to be dizzy like that. Glad you checked it out and now you just have to be patient. Sit on the couch and knit. You can do that!!! It's snowing down here. No wind -- just white flakes drifting down. Looks pretty but I don't think it'll last.