Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks, Mom

Yesterday I planned to make a couple bibs for LC but by the time I got around to it (knitting lesson, car appointment, chiro appointment) it was after supper so I only got one done.  I was just about to fill a bobbin with pink thread but then I remembered to look in Mom's thread box where she had the spools bagged by color and lots of the bags had filled bobbins.  There was a pink one!  Yay!  Thanks, Mom.  I got one bib done.  The other one is cut out and the neck binding is pinned on, I just have to sew that, sew the back and front together, and then bind it all around, which is a bit tedious with the pinning and easing but it's only time.  As long as I've got an audiobook I'm good.

The sunrise is moving around to the back of the house, and even though it's about 7 degrees out there I heard a male cardinal singing his love song when I went out to grab the paper around 6:30.  Pairs of juncos were chasing around in the bare branches of the apple tree so spring must be on the way.  It's the little things that make February bearable, don't you think?

I sure am liking this not working thing.  I figure I'll be hitting my not working stride when it'll be time to go back to work.  Oh well, I don't want to be without a regular paycheck just yet and I don't think Durwood and I are quite ready for 24/7 togetherness.  Although maybe having to put up with me all the live long day might motivate Durwood to figure out that he can get out in the cold after all.

Hey, today begins class registration for Life Members of The Clearing.  I decided not to wear out my dialing finger and wait until after lunch to call to put my name on the list for the writing class I want to take.  It's not until the very end of September so I'll have a long wait but just having my name on the list and a deposit made seems to bring it closer.

February 16--Jeff Foott, Strawberry Cactus, Big Bend NP, Texas.  It just didn't look right for a cactus to have red flowers all over it.  It especially didn't look right to Mimi lying in the middle of the patch of blooming cactus.  She couldn't quite figure out how she got there or how she was going to get up and out without impaling herself on even more thorns.  The only way she could get up without more pain was to rise straight up and she was confident that her levitating days were over.  Sager had sent her out on this wild goose chase with half a map and a compass that kept pointing at her left pocket.  How could she have been so gullible?  There wasn't any gold around where she lay and she was certain that none of the dark openings in the rock was the entrance to the Lost Dutchman Mine.

I'd like to think that I wouldn't be so foolish but I can be kind of a doesn't-look-before-she-leaps kind of girl some of the time.  Enthusiasms hit me and I jump before my brain kicks in.  I'd probably be laying there right alongside Mimi stuck with cactus thorns.  Hey, enjoy the day if it's sunny where you are.  I'm going to goof off some more.

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Aunt B said...

Just looking at that adorable bib brightened my day!! Glad you're having a fun week!