Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deeper Into the White Part

It's sunny today.  That's the saving grace, the sunshine.  It's also 3 degrees and blowing like crazy.  The little bit of snow that flurried down last night is going all over, up, down, swirling in the street, and peeking in the windows, then blowing away.  Yikes.  I have to go out but maybe I'll wait until tomorrow since the Wind Chill warning expires at 10 AM Sunday.  Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  Tomorrow.

I got all my errands done yesterday. (yay!) I made my first visit to the new St. Vinnie de P store on Oneida St. where I scored a stack of books for only $3.50 to see about making one or more of them into a book clutch (and I'm sure the customers that watched me take off the dust jackets to look at the spines thought I was a tad whacked).  I'm excited to try my idea for the transformation that does not involve the use of glue you have to use with the windows open.  I'm not sure I trust the sticking power of glue, I'd rather figure out how to sew it all together and use a bit of glue to hold the whole shebang on the covers.

When I stopped into Hancock Fabrics yesterday to get a couple long metal zippers for my book clutch project I was waylaid by a couple bolts of fleece.  It was $3.99/yd., usually $10.99/yd. on SALE, so $3.99 was a steal.  I got a yard of each.  I don't know what I'll do with it since it's not approved for children's sleepwear but I'll make something warm for someone small, I'm sure.

Last night at Friday Night Knitting I got the hand part of Choco Cherry mitten #2 done, not sewn up, but knitted.  Later today I'll make the thumb and sew it all together.  Then I can cross that off my list.  *dusts hands off*

Dear Durwood's out there in the kitchen slicing carrots, celery, and onions so I can make asian lentil soup.  He found the recipe in some mailer, it sounded good to us, so we're making it.  It's cold enough today I may just climb into the soup pot to stir it.  (nah, not really, I mean ewwww)  Tomorrow we'll be making beef stew.  (told you, it's cold and windy, we need hot and hearty food)  Hmm, maybe I'll mix up some bread dough today too so we can make fresh bread with our stew.  What a great plan!

February 14--River.  In winter the river is almost silent as it slips past slabs of ice and edges around rocks that try to block its way.  The winter river is polite and subdued, letting the sun warm its surface so that wildlife in the neighborhood can drink.  The early morning mist freezes to the golden grass and pale green sagebrush making them glitter like carnival headdresses when the weak sun struggles over the eastern mountains.  Small predators prowl the evergreens stalking wary birds and rodents that burrow under the snow in imagined safety.  Wolves pace along the ridge silhouetted against the sky as they follow the deer's search for food.

And that's when I had to stop because it was time to snuggle my Valentine.  Happy Valentine's Day to all!  Now go smooch your sweetie, throw in an extra full body hug too.  Go on.


Aunt B said...

Before you turn those books into purses (and be sure -- absolutely sure -- to post pictures of that project), you must read the one entitled "When my love returns from the Ladies room, will I be too old to care?" I'm checking it out on Amazon even as we speak!!!

Aunt B said...

One more thing -- how can that adorable fleece with the ducks not be approved for anything baby??? No wonder you couldn't resist it!!!