Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Got Marbles Rolling Around In My Head...

...but they're moving a lot slower today.  Whew.  The pills help a lot and not whipping my head around, taking things slow helps too.  I'm glad that Mrs. Boss declined my offer to work today, another day on the couch will go a long way to making things better I think.

Last night I finished up the Many Socks Cowl.  I like it.  A lot.  I'm already planning to make another one holding a lot more strands of yarn, casting on a few more stitches, and knitting twice as many rows.  Don't you love all the colors?  The funny thing is that four of the five balls of leftovers I picked made it from cast on to bind off, one of them just barely, and the fifth one I had to add more yarn to twice.  Knitting this cowl barely made a dent in the bag of leftovers so I'll dive back in soon.

Since I need to sit still most of the day I unearthed some acrylic yarn and a hook to make a couple beanies for charity.  I'm using my old standby, "Better Late Than Never" crocheted beanie pattern and I'm already on the 9th round of 21.  It goes fast and I like that the single crochet rounds are a different color.  Seeing that little stripe color change pulls me through the pattern more quickly.

Last night we were watching Antiques Roadshow and I had scooted my chair over closer to Durwood's so I was in position to see a shadow move out by the birdbath.  The motion sensor light turned on and there was the feral black cat getting a drink.  I carefully turned out the light over the table and turned off the camera flash, then fired off a couple shots.  They're not in focus but you can see what it is.  Pretty cool.  I'm glad it's still around and found the warm-ish water so it has a drink.  I think it might bed down under the park bench I have angled in front of the furnace vent and intake on the back wall sometimes.  I've seen feathers back there and it has to be a warm spot for it out of the wind with the shed on the side the wind comes from most of the winter.  I won't feed it but I'm glad it's okay.

February 23--Gallucci Studio, 1040 Puzzle. Tom stood, fists on his hips, glaring at the drifts of papers that covered the dining room table.  He hated tax time.  Every year he resolved to set up a system to organize his receipts as time went by to make tax time simpler and, so far anyway, every year he'd end up with about two months of organization and the rest of the year in chaos.  Every hear he listed each and every deduction and each and every year he'd just missed it and had to use the standard deduction, so all his frustrating work sorting everything had been for nothing.  He'd concede defeat and just take the standard but he lived in fear that the year he gave up would be the year his deductions would put him over the edge so he'd get to keep more of his money.  Even $50 over would do the trick.

I called the chiropractor and got an appointment for this afternoon.  I don't know if she'll be able to do anything about the vertigo but it can't hurt, right?  And it might help.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

You are a kind soul to be concerned about that cat! How any living being can survive the winter outside is beyond me. Especially this winter!!!