Monday, February 16, 2015

Overcast But Warmer

Warmer, as in up into the teens.  Woohoo!  See, when the clouds thicken up they act like a blanket over the land holding in the heat.  (you know this, right? sorry for the science lesson)  Durwood noticed the other day that even though the temps never got above 10 degrees all weekend, it was sunny so the sun heated up the retaining wall timbers which created a micro-climate warm enough to melt the snow back a bit.  (I think noticing that kind of stuff makes life interesting.  it's science!)

This morning my knitting friend, VJ, came over to help me figure out if the stitch I found would work for the design idea I have.  We worked and figured and the answer is, sadly, no, not without a crapload of work and figuring and finagling, too much to get done and knitted before the April deadline, so that's out.  I might have an alternate idea of how I can use the stitch pattern and yarn I have picked out so I'll be looking into it later today.  After my car recall appointment.

Yeah, my HHR is one of the last vehicles that got caught up in the blanket ignition switch recall from GM.  Since I've taken this week off it's the perfect time to get it done and I wanted to get it done early in the week so I can loll around the rest of the time... until my massage appointment on Wednesday afternoon... after which I will loll more until the last second I have to go back to work next Monday.  (eeeee!)  It was quite difficult to not roar around yesterday afternoon marking things off my "to do" list but I kept reminding myself that I have all week to get those things crossed off, and there are fun things on there like sewing and knitting and crafting, no chores, nothing strenuous.  This is my vacation.

February16--Mark Green, Lightning Three.  The clouds massed on the western horizon, piling up black and solid to block out the sun's rays.  For a while no one noticed but then the summer wind dropped and even the crows down by the creek stopped their raucous cawing.  Matty hurried out to take the clothes off the line then she made sure the barn and shed doors were latched but first she turned the horses, Dixie and Fleet, out into the big pasture.  If a storm did come she didn't want them trapped in the barn.

My toes are cold.  Maybe I should have put on some of my heavier socks today.  Maybe I will right now.  I actually sat on the couch reading a real, paper book yesterday afternoon.  It's called "The Dead Beat" about obituaries and the people who write or collect them.  I know it sounds gruesome but it's really funny and interesting. Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Whatever you were trying to make -- that red scalloped edging -- looks pretty. Is that the project you and VJ couldn't make happen? Too bad! Nice you've got a "vacation" week to play or read or whatever!! Have fun!