Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We got some.  Not as much as those poor souls out East but we got a couple three inches, enough that I got my tilly out early to run the snowblower.  Naturally as I made my first pass the plow came down the center of the street.  He came around again but by then I'd moved the trash and recycling bins from our curb and the neighbors' too so he could come right to the edge and not swerve around leaving snow to be shoveled off the street.  *taps temple with forefinger*  Not dead up there yet.  It wasn't very windy or actually very cold this morning but I hear big winds and arctic cold temps are on the way and fast.  In fact it's supposed to be in the single digits for the HIGH all weekend.  Brrr.  Good thing I have a long list of things I want to do in the house.  I figure I'll roar around like a crazed weasel on Friday getting groceries and any random things I need for crafts I want to tackle, etc. so I don't have to poke my nose out except to fill birdfeeders and get the mail all weekend.  There will be soup made and maybe stew too, and probably oatmeal for breakfast.  When it's that cold all I want to do is wrap myself around a bowl of something hot and filling.

The Clearing Summer Schedule is out!  Next week is registration!  This is one thing that redeems February every year, for me anyway.  Even though the class I'm taking isn't until late September being able to sign up holds out hope that it will indeed get warm enough to not wear a parka, fleece pants, and heavy boots one of these days.

February 11--Tom Bean, Sandstone Patterns, AZ.  The striated colors made Dale a little dizzy.  Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the lines of erosion that spread and met in odd places in a parody of perspective.  She had to sit down but there was no hope of shade except the shade of her hat brim.  Henry had made fun of her when she brought it home.  "Why didn't you go all the way and buy a sombrero?"  He always knew just what to say to make her cry, then he wrapped his arms around her and said he was only joking.  Only joking, my left elbow, Dale thought, sipping tepid water from her canteen.  You thought you were smart with your trendy black baseball cap, I'll bet your brains are frying.  "What are you smiling about?" Henry asked, wiping his face with his brand new red bandanna.  "Oh, just enjoying the view," she said, waving her hand at the panorama before them.

Time to put on my boots and head out to work.  See you later!

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Aunt B said...

I love that picture of The Clearing. No wonder just that cheers you up. I want to go too!!! We're expecting "arctic" temps down here this weekend too. My daffodils will probably freeze. And just when they've gotten into full bloom! Drat it!!!