Friday, February 27, 2015

Hold Your Coffee

I finished the second, no-decreases coffee clutch last night.  (I think that's a dumb name, I need to think of another one.  Coffee sweater, yeah, that's better.)  I finished the second, no-decreases coffee sweater last night.  I'll have to wait until Monday to try it out since I made it for the skinnier mug I have at work.

Just after 8 o'clock the furnace guys came to put a new furnace in the rental side.  When the guy came to fix their furnace last week he said that there's a burn mark on the control board and the furnace is 12 years old (ours is too) so it's pretty much at end of life.  We had the estimator come on Saturday and decided to get a new one installed.  We could have spent $700 on a new control board but that's no guarantee that the furnace wouldn't pack it in soon.  So there's a new furnace going in next door right now.

Then this morning Durwood helped me frog the green wool & cotton crocheted scarf I made a couple years ago.  It comes to the surface of my scarf drawer every once in a while and it's too small and too stiff to wear so we turned it back into a yarn ball and later (after I vacuum) I'll find a different pattern to make it into.

Yes, you read that right.  I intend to vacuum every square foot of the carpet in this house today.  A lot of driveway salt gets dragged in and spread around in winter so, despite my loathing of the noisy thing, I'm going to use it today.  I'm going to Swiffer the kitchen and bathroom floors too.  I'd better get cracking.

February 27--George White, Hands Reaching Out.  Claire ran and ran.  Branches tugged at her clothes like hands reaching out out of the dark.  Tree roots tripped her and she fell sprawling on the leaf litter, inhaling dust and mold spores, then scrambled up to run some more.  Tears stained her cheeks, her jaw was clenched, and her hands made fists as she ran.  She was angry.  Matt expected her to quit her job to follow him to some one horse town in North Dakota for the possibility of a job.  He had put in their 30-day notice to the landlord and called her employer too.

Time to put on housecleaning clothes and get sucking up dirt.

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Aunt B said...

Two more candidates for your coffee thing: Coffee Cozy or Mug Hug-er! Sorry to read about the furnace replacement. Bummer!! But living where you do, it's definitely a MUST! I admire your zeal with all that vacuuming, Swiftering, etc. You're the diligent housewife!!!