Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pretty Snow

It started snowing yesterday morning, just a few tiny flakes dancing in the wind, and by the evening we had a couple inches.  It kept snowing a bit, off and on, so we probably got a couple inches of the fluffy white stuff.  Not the heavy wet snow, thank god, this stuff I can shift with a shovel.  No need to crank up the snowblower.  A lone bunny hippity-hopped through earlier, I was pleased to find its tracks in the smooth new snow this morning when I went out to fill the feeders.

With the furnace hubbub and getting my nails done (why does that seem to take so long?) the day got away from me, craft-wise.  By the time I was ready to settle down to some sewing it was time to get ready to go to Friday Night Knitting.  Time flies when you're having... life, I guess.

L&F found these cute "knit wit" buttons and brought one for each of us last night.  I'm nearly the end of my design project and I'm real happy with how it's turning out.

February 21--Alan Kaplan, KAP 523.  The blond woman kept looking off to her right while she talked on the phone.  Meg tried to remember if lying people looked to the right or left.  She was sure that whoever was on the other end made the blond nervous.  Meg couldn't hear what she said but she could read body language pretty well.  The woman was definitely lying.  Maybe she was talking to her boss, maybe trying to talk her way out of a jam.  Then the train began to move and Meg soon lost sight of the woman on the platform.

Aaaand the furnace estimator guy just called and he'll be here in about 20 minutes, so I'd better run if I don't want to greet him in my jammies.  Seeyabye.


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Aunt B said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the furnace man could do a quick -- and cheap -- repair for you. Paul found the leaky pipe (in the well house in the back yard) and fixed it himself!!! Yay for a handy hubby!!! Nice pix of the bunny tracks in the pristine snow.