Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not So Fast

I got a chance to try that bib out the other day... and I spent a bit of last night deconstructing it.  In one place the fabric wasn't caught by the binding (naturally I'd used a fancy complicated stitch there) and I didn't cross the front and back enough so that it covered enough of her front to keep her clean, besides the fabric's too floppy to stay spread over her tummy.  So I've got it apart enough to fix the problems.  I'll sew some flannel onto the front and back to give it a little body and then reattach it at the shoulders, after I resew that bit of neck into the binding, and then rebind the outer edge.  It won't really take long but I'm not a fan of picking out stitches and redoing things.  You can be certain I'll take more care when sewing the other one I've got cut out.

I waited until after lunch to call The Clearing to register for my fall class and got right through.  No redialing 400 times to get an answer like some people do.  If I'm after a single room I'll do the redial thing but the prices have gone up and I'm not willing to spend and extra $400+ just to have my own room.  So September 26 I'm outta here for a week's writing in the woods.

It's even colder today.  It's 2 degrees right now and it's nearly 11 o'clock and it's bright and sunny.  Naturally today is when I have an appointment for a massage in a couple.  D'you think the masseur would mind if I kept my longies on?  Stripping down, even indoors, in this kind of cold makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Oh, oh, tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the start of the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram.  We're planning a little celebration supper, nothing fancy, just a stir fry with a bit of egg drop soup for starters and a fortune cookie for dessert to see what's in store for the year.  So today's the last day of the Year of the Horse... hey, wait a minute, that means DS was 36 years old on his birthday last fall.  Wasn't he 20 about two weeks ago?  Wasn't I forty-five about two weeks ago???  Time sure flies when you're not looking.

February 18--Jeff Foott, View from Nankoweap, Grand Canyon NP, AZ.  Night falls fast at the bottom of a canyon.  With only a narrow slit of sky open, the canyon walls limit the hours the sun shines all the way to the canyon floor.  Peg was surprised how cold the water was.  This was the desert and to her that meant dry with baking hot sun most of the day.  She was glad when the sun finally rose high enough to warm the campsite along the river but within an hour the air was so hot it hurt to breathe.  Later in the day when the sun moved to the west the air cooled off much faster than she expected it to.

I'm off to remake that pink bib and see about doing the other one right.  Stay warm, shovel if you've gotta, stay in if you can.

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Aunt B said...

The polar vortex has come to Wilmington! But only for a short visit. Supposed to be up to 60 by Saturday. Staying in today.