Monday, September 30, 2013

Sorry I'm Late

But today's the last Monday of my "30 for 30" yoga deal so I was up and zooming to make lunches, take a shower, and get to the studio by 8:15.  Now I'm at work where things are quiet so now I have time to blog.

I finished bagging up the car snacks and took their picture so you can see them.  Cool, huh?  There's pretzel twists, low fat Cheez-Its, raw almonds, roasted and salted almonds, tropical trail mix, shelled pistachios, wasabi peas, and chocolate Chex with craisins.  Yum.  I unearthed the suitcases yesterday and got them upstairs, then I counted out socks and undies and t-shirts, one per day away plus an extra for emergencies (yes, I know there are laundry facilities at various spots along the way), folded them neatly and piled them on the bed.  I tossed in jeans/capris and a skirt and nicer shirt just in case we need to look nicer than everyday, and some jammies for room lolling and a pair of black crocs-ish shoes for lounging that can double as nicer shoes because I am not taking an extra pair of shoes for just in case.  Not.  I gathered up the car pillows and blankie that I use to cover the crate of Durwood's tanks, the travel diary, and my stash/travel money (don't want to forget that!) and made a small pile of the "stuff" I want to take, little giftie-type items.  I got out the picnic tote, took out most of the stuff, keeping paper plates, cereal bowls, spoons, paring knife, can opener, and napkins, then tucked in the box of cereal we bought for non-free-breakfast lodgings.  I do understand that there'll be a Walmart or Target or KMart on nearly every corner all the way there and back and we can buy whatever we forget but I HATE to forget things.  ("forgot" and "lost" are two crazy-making concepts but only for myself, everyone else I can easily excuse *shrugs*)  After supper I got online and arranged to have the newspaper and mail held.  I slept better last night and feel calmer today.  I even made myself sit on the sofa from 8-10 PM and knit in front of the TV.  (very good, Barbara, way to unlax)

One of the reasons for my weekend of craziness is that I stopped for a flu shot on Friday and flu shots always make me achy for a few days--and it took me until yesterday afternoon to remember that, so I spent Friday and Saturday half-convinced that I was developing MS or had some galloping paralysis. (god, I am turning into Mom, somebody whap me, please.  family, be glad I don't let it out)  The older I get the more I am a trial to myself.

September 30--Everett Shinn, Spanish Music Hall.  The dancers were on stage but half of the audience wasn't watching them.  The two men from the aisle seats of the second row were half-standing and they had their backs turned to the stage.  Juliana danced down toward state left, surprising the follow spot operator and dancing in the dark for a moment.  Rodolpho stopped strumming the guitar to watch her.  No one seemed to notice that the music continued.  Juliana caught sight of two people wrestling in the fourth row.  Had a fight broken out?  Where was the usher?  The spotlight found her and blinded her just as the screaming started.

And now I have to unravel arrangements for a couple's pool training and dives this weekend.  Work work work.  Seeyabye!

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Aunt B said...

You are so organized!!! But it's wonderful to have all that "check list" stuff done. Good girl!