Monday, September 9, 2013

Small = Fast

This knitting baby stuff is a kick.  Even using DK weight yarn I've got the body of the Little Zander Cardi done in just a week and after I snapped this photo I got to chugging down one arm.  Hey, when sleeves are only 4" long (10cm-ish) and 39 stitches around it takes no time at all.  I need to start thinking of buttons.

Then there's the Flakey Baby Socks.  Sock #1 is begun... maybe that's what I'll work on today.  I want to see the whole flake emerge.  And I am knitting it inside out which seems to be working quite well.  What isn't working as well is holding yarn in each hand to speed things up.  I can only do this if I drop one and pick up the other.  *sigh*  Someday I'll be a grownup knitter, all cool and two-handed like the big kids.

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