Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coffee With A Cephalopod

I love my new coffee cups.  I'm using the octopus one first and it tickles me that after a few sips the white tips of the tentacles show.

I got the lawn mowed, fresh sheets on the bed, and the roasted tomato sauce milled, bagged, and frozen yesterday, and I even managed to sit on the couch and knit while watching recorded episodes of The Pioneer Woman for two whole hours.  Go, me!

This is going to be one of those weeks when I don't remember what day it is because of yesterday being a holiday, I can just tell.  All week long I'm going to think tomorrow's Monday and the next day is Wednesday and what happened to Tuesday and Thursday?  I just know it, and it's going to make me feel wrong-footed the whole danged week.  I do know that today's Tuesday because I get to go walk with Porter and then I get to go to the chiro this afternoon.  In between I want to take the old sinks to the scrap yard and see about getting some $$ for them since they weigh a ton, well, at least 100# each.  We should get a few bucks for them, I think.  And it's time to get my nails done.  They're long enough that I'm making more typos than normal... hm, I should stop in at the beauty supply store for more red polish, my 3 bottles are getting old and empty, and I can't forget to pick up my paycheck and cash it.  See? another day when I don't sit down.  Oh, Durwood will scold or at least shake his head.

September 3--Germany, Augsburg, Gauntlet for Left Hand.  It clicked when he moved it, otherwise it looked natural.  Esau had lost his left hand in the baler on his Uncle Malachi's farm when he was in his teens but the way prostheses were now, his fake hand worked almost better than the real one had.  Better because it never got cold or tired although his phantom pain plagued him every day.  Every day.  His only real problem was that it clicked when he rotated his wrist.  For a safe cracker that was a bad thing.

Okay.  Time to go get Porter and walk.  Maybe we'll walk to DePere today.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

Taking those weighty sinks to the junk yard and having your red nails done. I don't know. Somehow those two things just don't go together. Your life is full of amazing errands!