Monday, September 9, 2013

Hurting To Feel Better

This makes no sense to me.  I started last Wednesday to go to yoga a lot this month (they're having a sale) and while I'm a fan of keeping my parts moving to stay active I'm not a fan of muscles aching while you're working to feel better.  Not a fan.  I went to community yoga on Wednesday which is a more active practice, then on Saturday and today I went to yin class which is more meditative and stretches particular parts of your body.  I'm taking care not to stress or strain my still-aching injured shoulder (it IS getting better) but now my knees are having things to say about all this stretching and kneeling on a mat.  Grrr.  I don't mind mildly achy muscles after working out, in fact, I kind of like it but this is too much.  Could I just please wake up tomorrow all supple and bendy?  Also about 50# lighter too.  Anybody got a magic wand?  Anybody?

I finally caved in and ate the blue egg.  It was kind of hard to crack that pretty pale blue shell and pour that thimble full of egg into a skillet.  The skillet in the photo is about 8" in diameter so you can tell how small the egg was.  It tasted quite egg-like too, not blue at all.  Although DD did suggest that feeding the chickens blueberries last week might make the eggs that much bluer.  (or was that Durwood? I forget things so quickly these days.)

Durwood's off to pick up his first half-bushel of tomatoes to start his soup canning marathon.  I can't wait for the house to start smelling great.  Maybe this year he'll make enough so that I get to share more than one bowlful.  Not that he didn't want to share, you understand, it's just that I only like tomato soup, he's in LOVE with it so I didn't ask to share more than once or twice.  I need to whip up something yummy for lunches this week.  I found a couple recipes on WW that look promising, I'll see what appeals to me.  I could always make more hummus, maybe with green olives in it this time.  That'd be good; I'm kind of in a green olive mood.  Or maybe I'll add one of the mystery peppers from the upside down planter.  They were supposed to be bell peppers but this is what comes from buying pepper plants from a Hispanic man who doesn't speak English.  Oh well.

September 9--Greece or Italy, Bronze Handle Attachment in the Form of a Mask.  It was winter so Ari stopped shaving.  His lush beard kept him warm when the wind blew down from the north.  As soon as the nights got longer and there was a bit of a chill in the air he put away his razor until Holy Thursday.  His wife Sylvia wouldn't let him near her for the first few days, saying his stubble was too rough.  She sent him down to her brother's bar to keep him from nuzzling her neck and leaving patches of whisker burn.

Well, that was sure going nowhere, besides I knew I wanted to be up early to catch the 8:15 yoga class so I needed to shut off the light early.  It's heavily overcast and muggy to the max here, I'll be either knitting or sewing today.  Sayonara.

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Aunt B said...

I agree that the blue egg is almost too pretty to crack. But you did get a very nice pictue of the "remains"!