Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Think Summer Might Be Done

It was 37 degrees again this morning when I woke up at 8:30 (I feel like such a slug-a-bed when I sleep that late but it was after 11:30 when I turned out my light so I'm intellectually okay with it) and it's only supposed to hit 61 for a high.  Durwood says that today's the solstice so I guess summer really is over, officially and all.

When I glanced out the patio door this morning I saw that we were right about those heart-shaped leaves that appeared under the apple tree a couple weeks ago.  They're Morning Glories.  I saw a dead bloom on the wall when I filled the hummingbird feeders yesterday and this morning there's a big purple bloom sitting there just as happy as can be.  So I went out to take its picture and decided to take all the flowers' pictures for you to see.  There's that lone Morning Glory, our single Hummingbird Vine bloom, Dad's rose blooming on this year's canes, and the mums just firing up.  Watch, they'll be at their peak when we're gone next month but that's okay, I still like them.

I'm off to yoga in a few minutes and then I'm going to shop at the east side Walmart because I'll be closer to it and Durwood wants another pair of socks and the west side one's out of stock.  Plus I'm buy the ingredients to make a creamy crockpot potato soup that's a Weight Watchers recipe for next week's lunches.  It looks easy and like it'll taste great.  I'll report.  (I hope Durwood will give me a square of counter top in the soup factory so I can make it.)

September 21--Rembrandt, Man in Oriental Costume.  All of the fabric made him look big.  Not that he was a small man, he was not small, but the voluminous robes and miles of turban fabric wrapped over and around his head made him cast a large and distorted shadow.  Jane put down her breakfast and stared at him.  What was he thinking when he put on that get up this morning?  It was obvious that he was pleased with himself, so pleased that he was humming.

I had absolutely no clue where I would or could go with that, plus it was late and I was tired, so I quit.  I think it was for the best.  Time for me to rustle up my grocery list, some grocery $$, and my yoga mat and hit the road.  Enjoy your Saturday.  (heh, I just almost typed Sunday, don't want to type the weekend away early!)

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Aunt B said...

Feels like Fall down here too. Not quite as "Fall-y" as your low temps but still cool. But soooo nice!