Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Now It's Raining

Not a stormy rain, a gentle, water the garden rain.  Aaaand it sounds like it's slacked off.  It can rain all day if it wants to, I only have to be out to go into and out of work and into and out of yoga after work then into the house to can Durwood's soup batch of the day... so maybe it can stop at those times.

I'm feeling a little beleaguered with my plan to go to as many yoga classes this month as I can coupled with Mrs. Boss being in Idaho helping her mom pack to move this week and in Cayman Brac diving next week.  I feel like I'm always at a trot, which isn't so out of normal but it feels more busy right now.  I've got my fingers crossed that Mr. Boss doesn't get called back to work at the nuke plant next week so he can work her days and I can go back to my normal schedule which will still be yoga-busy but I've only got 2 more weeks of 3 days in a row plus Saturday and then my "30 days for 30 bucks" card will be invalid and we'll drive away to visit DD & DIL2, RJ & K, and Aunt B & Paul (if he's in town).  There'll be all those car hours and that's sitting, right?  I can knit when I'm not driving and talk to Durwood for hours on end, it'll be lovely.  I've got tomorrow and Friday off, plus Saturday and Sunday too and I'll only go to yoga on Saturday so that should give me a break.  I think I'm feeling harried because I worked Wed., Thurs, Fri, Mon, Tues, Wed and even though I had Sat and Sun off I didn't just loll around (as if I ever really do), there was Saturday yoga and laundry folding and lawn mowing and...  I'll get better at it, eventually.  Or not.  I do seem to keep jumping up whenever I sit down.

It was another non-knitting day at work.  Mr. Boss was there the whole time dealing with an AT&T tech guy trying to remotely resuscitate the backroom laptop.  They set it to defrag overnight so hopefully they'll have more luck clearing it off today.  But I had my own work (yes, actual WORK at work.  I know!) to do.  I organized a couple students and sold & ordered a couple drysuits (at a grand apiece), priced and finalized a bunch of repairs and called the owners, and I made great strides reformatting and making the course fees list understandable, plus I schmoozed a couple of the instructors to keep them happy.  What?  It's a real job, they're independent contractors and we need them so I joke and flatter (sincerely, of course) so they want to keep working for us.  Besides I like them, I kind of have a little crush on them, all above board of course

Hey, did you see that they winched that half-sunk Italian cruise liner upright?  Looks kind of creepy, if you see one side, the side that was up, it looks pretty much the same, the other side looks like a horror movie.  I hope they can find the last of the missing now.  I also hope that the captain got keel hauled for being a dick and a show-off.

September 18--Guatemala or Mexico, Mayan, Plate with Trumpeter.  The hot sun beat down and flies buzzed around the flesh and bone scattered over the weedy gravel lot.  Carlos and Dina stood at the edge of the track leading off the paved road waiting until the detectives finished their survey of the scene.  "One of them is sure to step on something the way they're tramping all around," Carlos said.  Dina nodded.  "You are so right.  Ten bucks says it's Morales."  Carlos shook his head.  "No way.  Morales is too careful.  My money's on O'Hara."  "Oh sure," Dina said, "pick on the little white guy."  They both laughed because O'Hara was a six-foot three-inch, dark-skinned African-American.  As crime scene techs they knew they'd be there until long after the sun went down and the story they had to piece together was certain to be as sad one so they took their laughs where and when they could.

And it's time for a shower and quick breakfast so I can go to the chiro before work and don't forget my yoga duds because there's class after work.  *pant, pant*  I'm my own worst enemy.  Ta-ta!

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Aunt B said...

You are definitely getting your money's worth for the yoga! Too much stuff to do -- yoga, work, chiro, canning! Whew!!!