Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Steps

The other night after supper I took the Cables & Arans Harmony Guide book and a pad of narrow Post-its into the kitchen and flipped through looking for likely cables for my BLKG design contest entry.  D'you think I might have found a few?  I printed off one pattern of a cabled fingerless mitt from Ravelry and charts from a sock pattern on Knitty to see how it's done.  I'm not copying ideas but I am using them as research as to how many stitches to cast on, etc.  I want to winnow down my cable choices and then I'll start knitting some swatches to see how the cables I choose look in the wild.  This has to be all done and knitted by the April 2014 meeting, I need to get cracking.

I picked up the Flakey Baby Sock last night to knit the foot part after putting in waste yarn for an "afterthought" heel.  I've never done one of those.  Can you see the row of beige stitches near the needles?  That yarn gets taken out, the stitches picked up, and the heel knit.  That's the theory anyway, we'll see how reality matches up.  Oh, and when I got to the end of row 1 of the chart for the second snowflake I was a stitch short.  I don't know where it went.  I looked all over for a dropped one, even turned the tube inside out to see if one was running down toward the cuff, and I didn't find it so I just made one.  It's times like that when I'm glad I'm not that much of a perfectionist as to rip it back and start again.

Not wanting to bollocks up the baby sock (anymore than I evidently have already) I carried the Pporange (Pink purple orange) Ankle sock back and forth to work this week.  I didn't have the opportunity to knit on it at work but I did slap on a few rounds after supper on Monday (Monday night wasn't a good one for thinking about charts) and while waiting for the cardiologist to come see Durwood yesterday and tell him/us to go away until we have some interesting symptoms to share.  Maybe I'll get this sock done before it snows.

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