Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday--Which Will Seem Like Monday

Because Monday was Labor Day and Tuesday's my day off so today might be Wednesday to all the world but it feels like Monday to me.  *sigh*  Like I said yesterday I'm going to be off all week... although I did stuff some yoga pants into my backpack so I can go to the WEDNESDAY community (read "free") yoga tonight.  Friend Mardi's leading the class this month so I'm going.  I'll go again on Saturday so maybe going twice a week this month will help my back stop hurting.  Do you all have spots where you store your stress?  Shoulders?  Neck?  Stomach?  Mine's my mid- and upper-back.  Yesterday Dr. Paula, the chiro, nearly had to jump on my back to get anything to move.  Every place she touched hurt.  That is not good.  I need to change that.  I also need to stop being a baby and eat right so I feel better.  I need to take myself out behind the woodshed and smack myself around a bit, maybe then I'll "straighten up and fly right."  Mom used to say that when we were being particularly pigheaded.  (who me? pigheaded? shocking!)

Well, I did it.  I wrote in my thank you note for my birthday present to DS & DIL1 that I would babysit their offspring on Tuesdays and Fridays--provided it isn't too ugly or hairy or anything.  I'm sure HZ has thrown her hat in the ring too.  How much fun will that be to have a tiny baby to play with again?  Woohoo!  DS called last night to say that they were trying to think of a way to ask if I was interested without making it seem like I couldn't say no, they were relieved that I volunteered.  (ack! there's a creature in my coffee! it kind of surprised me even though I know it's there.  morning fun!)

It's getting cool at night, cool enough to sleep with the windows open.  Ahhh, I love sleeping with the windows open, don't you?  I filled the hummingbird feeders this morning and the garden looked so nice in the morning sun I snapped a photo.  (what? you don't take your camera when you fill birdfeeders in the early morning?)  Warm, not hot, and cool in the day = perfect weather, in my opinion anyway.

I loved going to the scrap yard yesterday.  They have huge bulldozers and giant cranes with big magnets swinging on chains to pick up gobs of metal and fling them around, and there's a big conveyor belt that dumps piles of tangled and rusty metal stuff into a giant grinder-sounding thing.  Very cool.  The guy that helped me was funny and friendly and very helpful, plus they gave me $16.80 before I left.  Way better than the dump where you have to pay them before you leave.  Way better.  And I got all my errands run and chores done yesterday, even though it meant skipping lunch and racing around all day (oh, I didn't get bluejay peanuts because the store was out, I'll get those on Friday or maybe tomorrow after work) but I felt very accomplished last night, tired, but accomplished.  Also hungry, I pretty much gobbled up my Tony Roma's supper but managed to leave half my ribs for another night's supper.

September 4--William Henry Brown, Portrait of a Woman Before a Window.  The silver scissors flashed in the sunlight as Brown shifted the paper.  He moved so fast that his hands blurred and his body contorted with effort.  Louisa sat as still as she could.  She wore her best dress and cloak and her only hat to pose for her silhouette portrait.  They were all the rage that spring and it had taken her over a month to save the two dollars to pay for it.  "Finished," Brown said and he let the extra paper fall to the floor.  He carried his work over to her and stood at her shoulder so she could see.  The silhouette looked like her.  She didn't know why it shocked her but it did.  She leaned forward to get a better view, that's when she felt his lips on the back of her neck.

That scoundrel.  How dare he press his lips to her soft and dewy flesh?  Heh, heh.  Too much fun.  Okay, I'm almost done ripping The Casual Vacancy audiobook disks into the laptop so I can fong it into my iPod.  Hey, have you read the Joanna Brady books by J.A. Jance?  If you like mysteries that aren't cozies, you might give them a try.  There's excellent scenery and good bad guys.  I'm a big fan of the Joe Pickett books written by C.J. Box too; they're about a Wyoming game warden who always gets tangled up in murder investigations with super-excellent scenery and outstanding bad guys, but the good guys are very interesting too.  Just thought I'd mention it.  Happy Mond... um, Wednesday.  Remember to pack lunch, Barbara!  Don't forget again.


Aunt B said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was his lips pressed against here dewy neck. I was sure it was going to be the point of those very sharp scissors.
Nice that you're carrying on the tradition of taking care of that grandbaby. I remember how thrilled your mom and dad were when they were caring for Colton. (And at first I thought that was DS they babysat for but came to my senses!)

Aunt B said...

P.S. That was my comment that was deleted earlier when I remembered the correct cast of that baby-sitting all those years ago.