Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bright First Day of Fall

Wasn't it just the first day of summer, like, last week?  Guess not.  I'm happy that it's cooler and slightly less humid so I can sleep with the windows open.  I did bring in the bay leaf plant though; it's getting down into the 30s at night and I don't want it to freeze.  All day yesterday it looked like rain but none fell.  Today the sun's out and it looks gorgeous out there.  I get to mow the lawn today and maybe throw some laundry around, although my stack of underpants is pretty tall yet so maybe I can procrastinate for a few more days.  

This is the week that Mrs. Boss is in Cayman Brac on a dive trip and I'm supposed to work Monday - Friday but if Mr. Boss isn't called back to work at the nuke plant I think he'll work her days so I'll only have to work my regular three instead of five.  I'd like that.  Although I did make a pot of WW potato soup and a big bowl of fruit so I'll have 5 lunches if it comes to that.

I just called DD and she and DIL2 are in line to get into Paul Brown Stadium to see the Packer game today.  I'd forgotten that they splurged on tickets for birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts for each other.  Neither of them have seen a game in person before.  She said she's wearing Mom's helmet earrings for luck.  Hopefully that'll work.  I won't cheer or watch any of the game so they'll have a chance of winning while the girls are there.  I knew there couldn't be a home game because Durwood called on Friday to order another half-bushel of tomatoes for pick up today and the spot to pick them up is across the street from the stadium.  That means more soup making today.  So far he's got 20 quarts and 8 pints.

September 22--Thomas Eakins, The Dancing Lesson.  Marshall's feet wouldn't stay still.  His mama scolded him over what she called his "nervous feet" and his teacher, Mrs. Watson accused him of distracting the lesson.  It wasn't either of those things.  Marshall had to dance.  He heard music in his head.  It flowed through his veins to his feet and set them moving.  His brother Eli played the banjo at barn dances on Saturday nights and Marshall danced.  He picked out the rhythm of running feet and ticking clocks and danced them.  He danced to learn the multiplications tables.  He had dancing feet that wouldn't stay still

And I have no idea where that's going or why so I'm leaving it there.  You do with it what you will.  I'm going to go pick up the tomatoes and grab some more celery.  Somebody used it all--again.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

Too bad the girls didn't get to see the Pack win! Bad day for all the Cheeseheads!